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Challenge News

With a week left in the Old Year, my thoughts are turning to new Challenges for the New Year. :)

By the end of the week, I'll have posted all my new Challenges to start 2010. There will be 2 DC, 1 PE.

I have ideas for further on down the road, but the only one set-in-stone is, of course, the Halloween Challenge. :) That will probably remain pretty much the same, as the voluminous list of prompts gives everyone a lot of leeway to write or draw or manip or whatever they want. I am thinking of themed Challenges for some of the holidays, however.

I doubt I'll be hosting a Wonder Woman-themed Challenge this year. Hopefully people will keep Diana in mind, though, for the other Challenges. Her book will be re-numbered to 600 this spring to celebrate her 69th year of continuous publication. It'd be a shame if such an iconic heroine was bypassed.

Sharpen those writing and drawing pencils and keep your eye on this journal for coming attractions! ;)
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