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Challenge Updates: Glitter Winter Holidays & Cast Of Thousands!!! (12/23/09)

Lots of entries today! First we have darthbatgirl’s Christmas tale that not only fits the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge and the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Cast Of Thousands!!! Challenge, with Kon/Tim as the main pairing but many, many more! She's posted the first of three chapters so far.

Next is crooked_halo’s delightful Smallville Christmas Clois story which is guaranteed to warm your heart.

Finally, my own Clark/Bruce tale wraps up in an AU in which Bruce's parents weren't killed in Crime Alley, and Clark meets him for the first time as a reporter for The Daily Planet.

The Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge Master List is here.

The Cast Of Thousands!!! Challenge Master List is here.

Title: All I Want for Christmas (1-3/3)
Author: darthbatgirl
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Characters: Kon/Tim, Cassie/Kara, Zachery Zatara, Dick/Babs, Jason/Cassandra, Stephanie, Damian, the Titans, Bruce/Clark, Ma & Pa Kent, Alfred, Chris Kent, Krypto
Summary: As the Wayne and Kent families spend the holidays together, Kon and Tim try and figure out their place in each other's lives.
Word Count: 2804
Warnings: fluff, angst, boy kisses
A/N: This is my present of all of my friends for the holidays. Hope everyone's holiday is great. This follows this drabble and is also for dcu_freeforall's Winter Holiday Challenge using the prompts holiday party and mistletoe, and for bradygirl_12’s Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge and her Cast of Thousands!!!

Stocking Stuffer #1: A Very Blurry Christmas
Author: crooked_halo
Dedicated to Hope your Christmas is very blurry! :)
Fandom: Smallville
Characters: Clark and Lois
Rating: PG
Summary/Notes: This takes place in season 9 and follows the prompt of 'a very blurry Christmas' Merry Christmas to all!

The Prince And The Reporter I: Gift, Unwrapped (1-3/3)
Author: bradygirl_12
Pairings/Characters (these chapters): Clark/Bruce, Thomas/Martha (Martha does not appear in Chapter 1), Lucius Fox, Alfred, Dick
Genres: AU, Challenge, Holiday
Rating (these chapters): G, G, G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: In a world where Bruce’s parents lived, he has carved out a accomplished life for himself and meets an equally-accomplished Clark for the first time.
Chapter Summary: Clark interviews the Heir Apparent of Wayne Enterprises for The Daily Planet.
Chapter Summary: Clark wants to know all he can find out about Bruce Wayne.
Chapter Summary:
Date Of Completion: November 27, December 1, 10, 2009
Date Of Posting: December 15, 19, 23, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1853 + 1259 + 1949 (Total: 5061)
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for Fic Prompt No. F 21: Write a story where Bruce Wayne's parents lived, where he never became Batman, and where he funnels all that passion and intelligence into something *else*. Clark can be Superman or not, as you wish for the 2009 World’s Finest Gift Exchange and for my 2009 DCU Fic/Art Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge. Prompts: Glitter, Garlands, Christmas Tree, Sparkling, Ornaments, Shining. Also written for saavikam77’s 2009 DCU Free_For_All Winter Holidays Challenge. Prompts: No. 10: Santa Claus/Sleigh/Reindeer and No. 14: Snow/Ice. :)
Tags: 2009 dcu fic/art cast of thousands!!! ch, 2009 dcu fic/art glitter winter holidays, challenge, christmas, holiday, master list
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