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Fic: Love Letters (On The Run) (1/1)

Title: Love Letters (On The Run) (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Mel/Johnny, (mention of Carter Baum, Red Hamilton, Baby Face Nelson, J. Edgar Hoover, Doris Rogers, Anna Sage, Polly Hamilton, Charles Winstead)
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Spoilers: For the movie, natch. :)
Summary: While Johnny is on the run, he and Mel exchange love letters.
Date Of Completion: December 10, 2009
Date Of Posting: December 22, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 3995
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for siriusfanatic’s request of Something about Johnny and Mel writing love letters to each other while Dillinger is on the run from her 2009 Wish List. :)
The early 1930s was an era hurtling toward the ‘modern’ but still retained the flavor of the Victorian and Edwardian Ages in certain things. Letter-writing was part of that grand tradition, and the language was a little more flowery than we’re accustomed to today, especially between men. However, gentlemen were expected to write graciously, and Mel comes from a gentleman’s background, and Johnny is a natural gentleman. :)
I’ve always wanted to write an epistolary story, and siriusfanatic gave me my chance! :)
The timeline has been altered to fit this tale, but the dates of important events remain.

November 16, 1933

My Dearest Mel,

I know you must be surprised to hear from me, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of you. When we met on the shores of Lake Michigan in the golden days of autumn, we didn’t know how our lives would intersect, only that we were attracted to each other and spent a very happy time together.

You’re the prettiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on, Mel. All high cheekbones and dark hair and eyes so liquid-dark I lose myself in them, and the prettiest mouth…mmm.

I know by now you realize who I am and what happened at Michigan City awhile ago, and I don’t expect you to understand. I will understand if you don’t wish to answer this letter, but I had to let you know how much you are in my thoughts and heart, my love.

C. was most generous in delivering this letter for me. He’s a good man, Mel.

Yours In Honor,


& & & & & &

November 17, 1933

My Dearest Johnny,

I was very surprised but highly gratified to receive your letter, though I feel that I must caution you as to the riskiness of this communication. However, I cannot tell you to stop. I treasure your letter too much.

I know who you are and, believe me, it has cost me some sleepless nights, but I love you, Johnny. I want to be with you.

Of course the irony does not escape me. I am charged to bring you in, but it is not exactly the way I envisioned being with you again.

The birthday gift you gave to me during our idyll sits on my desk now. The silver pen set is a handsome addition, indeed, and the pen is used for writing this letter.

My dashing Rogue Knight, know that I will love you always.

Your Faithful Servant,


P.S. C. is a good man.

& & & & & &

November 22, 1933

Mel, honey,

It was with great pleasure that I received your letter. You should see me grinning like an idiot while reading it. Red says that I am an idiot, but said with affection while rolling his eyes.

I must admit to feeling a grand rush of adrenaline when robbing the blood-sucking banks, but I have an even greater rush when I think of you.

My memory is very good, Mel. I remember your silken skin against mine, your mouth hot against mine, and your hands running all over my body while a fire crackled in our cabin against cold nights.

C. knows where the letter drop is, and I will pick up your reply as soon as I can.

Dream Of Me,

Your Johnny

& & & & & &

November 24, 1933

My Beloved Johnny,

You should be a published author of bodice-rippers. How could you write such a thing, and me in my office reading such prose and getting quite excited!

I, too, remember hot nights beneath cool sheets and blocking out the world while we made love. It was so beautiful with leaves of scarlet, gold, and orange, and the days so bright and crisp but all pale in comparison to your amber eyes and the brilliance of your smile.

You have my word of honor that the letter drop will never be used to track you.

Dreaming Of You,

Your Mel

& & & & & &

November 30, 1933

My Dearest Mel,

Thanksgiving was a bountiful feast, the food and company of the highest quality, yet there was an empty place at the table, though not in my heart.

I thought of how thankful I am to have met you this year. I can’t believe I lived all those years before without you in my life.

Thankfully Yours,

Your Johnny

& & & & & &

December 4, 1933

Dearest Johnny,

As I feasted on the day of thanks, I thought of you, my love. I am grateful for so much in my life, with you at the top of my list. Truly I am blessed.

Please be careful, Johnny. The resources here are abundant. Keep moving and stay alert.

Your Grateful Mel

& & & & & &

December 7, 1933

Dear, Sweet Mel,

How are you this Christmas season? My boys and I are flush with cash, as you well know, ;) and our families will benefit. So many have to go without. I hope FDR can turn things around and end this Depression. I would have voted for him, you know, if I hadn’t been a guest of the State, ha, ha.

I have sent along a little gift for you, darlin’.

Merry Christmas!

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

December 16, 1933

My Dearest Johnny,

Thank you so much for the sapphire-studded tieclip. It is of such high quality! I love its sparkle and design. Whenever I wear it I will think of you. You are such a generous soul, Johnny. When you gave me my birthday gift when first we met, I knew you were considerate and thoughtful.

Professional note: stay away from Baby Face Nelson. He’s far too volatile and unpredictable. He delights far too much in using that tommygun of his.

I won’t ask you to give up your occupation. I know you live for the thrill and find it more rewarding than ‘honest’ work, so I will only ask you to be careful, and pray you never injure or worse any of the brave men you might go up against.

Stay safe, my Johnny.

Your Devoted Mel

& & & & & &

January 1, 1934

My Sweet Mel,

Thank you for the gold wristwatch! The quality is of the highest, and it keeps perfect time. Just like you: shining and perfect.

I trust the New Year finds you well and open to new possibilities. I can’t wait to see what it will bring! I want to eat life up with a spoon. I want to eat you up with a spoon!

I know I seem reckless, love, but I plan my jobs carefully. I have no wish to get anyone killed, whether my men or yours. Prison is tough enough, but the electric chair is far worse.

How are you doing at your Bureau? I hear you’re workin’ hard, darlin’.

Know that I carry you with me no matter where I go, love.

Your Devoted Johnny

& & & & & &

January 6, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

Don’t go to Tucson!

I’ve found out that you were spotted heading that way. There are agents being alerted now.

Love, Mel

& & & & & &

January 8, 1934

My Precious Mel,

Thank you for the warning. I was ready to start the trip when I received your letter. I think we’ll lay low for now, so the letters may be a little slower in coming.

I’m always thinkin’ of you, darlin’. Every time my head hits the pillow, I dream of you.

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

January 14, 1934

My Beautiful Johnny,

I am vastly relieved that you stayed out of Arizona. I didn’t sleep until I got your letter.

Oh, Johnny, I wish I could be with you, but of course it’s impossible. You’re a bank robber. I’m a cop.

I dream of you every waking moment.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

January 26, 1934

My Dearest Mel,

It’s quiet here with a lot of time to think. I could write reams to you, but maybe someday I’ll show you my journal. I certainly had time to write in it while on vacation.

I had a lot of time to think, as I said. Mostly it was about you! I do believe we’ll be together someday, Mel. Otherwise why did we ever meet back in September?

Until then the chase is ours! It’ll be exciting, honey.

I hope my vacation allows you to slow down. I worry about your health, dear, as I know how high-strung you are. You’re too nervous, darlin’. Try and relax a little more, and for goodness’ sake, get proper sleep and eat regularly! Think of me on a beautiful rug before the fireplace. ;)

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

February 6, 1934

My Dearest Johnny

I am glad that you are on vacation. I do worry about you in your dangerous life.

Things have slowed down considerably here. The only new event is the arrival of three agents from the Austin, Texas office. They are formerly Texas Rangers and are extremely good at their jobs. I would feel that it would be wise to take an extended vacation even beyond your current one.

They were sent for because of an incident at the Sherone Apartments. Baby Face Nelson murdered one of my men. He shot him in the back. Young Warden was unarmed.

Please steer clear of Nelson, Johnny. I fear nothing good could come of allying yourself with him.

Stay safe, my love, as I dream of you.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

February 13, 1934

My Dearest Mel,

I am dearly sorry to hear about your young colleague. Never fear that I would ever be foolish enough to combine forces with Baby Face Nelson.

Thank you for telling me about the cowboys. Forewarned is forearmed, eh?

I am enjoying my vacation. It’s good to get away from work and refresh.

Relax and dream sweet dreams of me, darlin’.

Your Devoted Johnny

& & & & & &

February 16, 1934

My dreams indeed have been sweet, my Johnny.

You star in them, like a Hollywood movie, sound and color and passion. I vividly recall your lips on mine, your body fitting to mine, happiness sparkling in your eyes.

Dearest, dearest Johnny. Never have I known anyone like you. D. says that I am a romantic, and I must say that she is right.

I will always keep you close to my heart, no matter where I travel.

My travels should take me next to Kansas City. We have a lead that Machine Gun Kelly and the Barkers may be there.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

February 18, 1934

Dearest Mel,

Don’t go to Kansas City! Kelly and the Barkers will kill you!

I just heard of the bounty they have placed on your head. They want to hit Hoover hard, and they plan to do it through you.

Please don’t go!

Your Devoted Johnny

& & & & & &

February 22, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

All is well. When I told Hoover about the bounty, he took me off the case. Unfortunately, the assignment was not a success.

Life here is not quite so chaotic. The Chicago Office is busy but with you on vacation, not quite as exciting, I daresay. You keep things interesting, my love!

I was reading the latest James Cain novel and I know that you would like it. Cain creates a world that’s riveting, all very noir and subtle and aggressive. Just like you. :)

Stay safe, my Johnny.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

March 6, 1934

My Delicious Mel,

As you can see, I’m back at work. It’s mighty exhilarating, honey!

We are ripping through the Midwest and are at the top of our game. After years of being cooped up in that rattrap of a prison, I’m free.

Sure, you can say that’s a joke, because I have to keep an eye out for cops and Feds and people eager for the reward on my head, but I feel free despite all that.

You haunt my dreams, Mel. I come home to my bed and wish I could see your long legs and beautiful smile waiting for me. Spread legs, in fact.

I want to taste you all over, high on adrenaline, and your scent, salty-sweet goodness on my tongue as I dip down low between your legs to smell your musk and feel your heat.

Oh, darlin’, I do believe it’s warm in here!

Your Enraptured Johnny

& & & & & &

March 13, 1934

My Wicked Johnny,

You should write for stag films, my dear. I was in a bit of a bind when reading it, you wicked, wicked man!

It must be all that bank robbin’, darlin’. I would love to grace your bed with the flush of excitement in your cheeks and shining in your eyes.

I would dearly love to kiss you all over, taking you in my mouth, feeling you deep inside of me…I have never opened myself to someone as I have done you.

You are my dashing Rogue Knight, my Robin Hood, my Beloved.

Your Devoted Mel

& & & & & &

March 20, 1934

My Saucy Mel,

My, aren’t you the wicked one now, darlin’! Truly, I had to go off on my own after reading your letter. My reaction was too noticeable. ;)

I feel like I’m on top of the world, Mel, and you’re traveling with me by my side, even if only in spirit. I know I have to be careful and that this wave of bank robbing can’t last forever, but I’m going to enjoy it while it does.

Your Delighted Johnny

& & & & & &

April 1, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

I have heard disturbing news that you might hook up with Nelson. That causes a tightening in the pit of my stomach, darling. I would strongly advise against it. The yeggs you have associated with in the past at least had some degree of professionalism and reliability. Nelson has neither of these qualities. May it be an April Fool's joke.

It has been raining here, mixed with snow. Everything is slushy and dirty in the city, though the last storm made everything clean again for a little while. I prefer the surrounding countryside, as the snow there is cleaner in the woods and reminds me of home. Not the snow, the woods.

Spring is late this year, I fear. Ah, well. I have a warm coat and my memories of us together to keep me warm.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

April 24, 1934

My Dearest Mel,

It scared me witless to think of you in the chaos of Little Bohemia. My heart was in my throat the whole time my gang and your men traded gunfire. I was scared for Red, Homer and all my men but terrified for you. All I could think of was you and how you were in danger. I couldn’t bear it if your beautiful body had been shot full of holes.

We barely got out of there, and Red was badly wounded, but he’s recovering.

I was sorry to hear about your Carter’s wounds. It grieves me that my mistake in allowing Nelson to come in on this job caused him harm. I should have listened to you, darling, but there were circumstances. Still, that doesn’t excuse it or me.

I see that D. has generously taken up mail duties, for which I am grateful. Please pass that along.

I made a grievous error in judgment, my love. I am paying the price, and unfortunately, so are many others.

My darling, I need to see you, to know you’re all right. Enclosed are directions to a rendezvous point. Red says I’m crazy. He’s right. Crazy for you.


Your Devoted Johnny

& & & & & &

May 6, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

I was so happy to be with you. I’d longed to see you again, and wanted to see if you were truly all right. Our time together has granted me fresh memories from which I will spin happy fantasies during my lonely nights. You on the rug was a dream come true. ;)

Our time was too short. I savored every moment, but greatly fear that the walls are closing in on you, sweetheart. It breaks my heart to say it, but perhaps you should leave the country. Keep yourself safe, Johnny, please.

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

May 10, 1934

The noose is tightening. Your boys are good.

Keep your distance from your esteemed Director. I’ve seen the way he looks at you in the newsreels. You stay safe, darlin’.

My next letter may be awhile in coming. I have to go underground. Staying on the move is my best bet right now.

No matter where I travel, you will always be in my heart, my sweet Mel.

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

May 16, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

While I regret the possibility of fewer letters, I am grateful that you are taking measures as to your safety. You are right; the noose is tightening.

Carter is slowly improving. I hope the same is true for your Red.

My dreams are always sweet when I think of you, my Precious. Please stay safe.

Your Devoted Mel

& & & & & &

June 1, 1934

My Sweet Mel,

Life is settling in for me. Sorry I can’t give you the details, sugar, but that wouldn’t be wise, eh?

Things were crazy there for awhile, but now I am very domesticated. You wouldn’t believe all the things I am doing to stay out of the limelight.

I would dearly love to have you play house with me, darlin’. I think you would look smashing in a frilly apron.

I think of you every minute of the day. We will be together someday. I feel that deep in my heart.

Stay safe, Mel. There are some vicious characters out there who wouldn’t think twice about blowing you away.

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

June 6, 1934

My Dearest Johnny,

D. thinks we are quite the romantic pair. She thinks you are extremely handsome, with which I agree, of course.

I have grown accustomed to the cold here in the North but as the summer heat begins, I am reminded of South Carolina. I hope that someday I might be able to show you my home.

I have taken to trying to look into my crystal ball and see where we will be in one, five, even ten years down the road. Alas, ‘tis foggy right now.

I am sending you a book of sonnets that I think you might like for your birthday. I have marked certain passages that speak my heart.

With all my love,

Your Devoted Mel

P.S. Stay alert yourself, John! Sadly, the law is just as likely to blow you away as gangsters doing the same to me.

& & & & & &

June 16, 1934

My Sweet Mel,

My heart is like
A jewel of great price,
Every facet bright.

You are quite a romantic. It’s one of the best things I love about you.

Thank you for the wonderful gift.

Oh, my darling. I have no idea of what our future will bring, but I hold our past close to my heart.

Keep yourself safe for me, my dear Mel.

Your Loving Johnny

& & & & & &

June 24, 1934

My Beloved Johnny,

My heart sings
With laughter.
Your love brings

I had a dream about us last night. We were in a movie theater, watching a Clark Gable picture. I can see your smile while you read this. I understand the irony of that, considering my Bureau nickname.

We were holding hands right out in the open and on one cared. Ah, the stuff of dreams!

But it is a beautiful dream, isn’t it? Open and loving and not worried what people will think.

Perhaps that is a metaphor for us in everything. We are on opposite sides of the law, and our love is not what society accepts. It seems as if we have two strikes against us, yet I cannot help but feel that are we meant to be together, against all odds.

Do you feel it, too, my love?

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

July 1, 1934

My dearest Mel,

I absolutely feel it, too!

I like the notion of us against all odds. A conventional relationship would never make it for me, and I suspect the same is true for you.

Our first anniversary will be here in a few months. I sincerely hope we can get together.

I love you so very much.

Your Devoted Johnny

& & & & & &

July 10, 1934

My Lovely Johnny,

The heat is wilting everyone in Chicago. It is even more oppressive than what I experienced growing up in South Carolina! The thermometer hit 101 degrees the other day. Thank heavens for my white seersucker suit, which is being worn as often as possible.

I hope wherever you are, you are staying cool, my love.

Your Devoted Mel

& & & & & &

July 16, 1934

My Dearest Mel,

The heat is wringing me out, darlin’. If this is hotter than South Carolina, what is going on? I am trying to keep cool, though thinking of you gets me all hot. ;)

I am growing contemplative during these hot days and nights. Surely there must be a way we can build our lives together, despite all the obstacles in front of us. I’ll keep thinkin’ on this, darlin’.

Your Hot ‘N’ Bothered Johnny

& & & & & &

July 19, 1934

Dear Johnny,

Leave Chicago now! Your friend Anna Sage is preparing to betray you. She has already contacted the Bureau through the Chicago Police Department. You are in grave danger!

She will contact us when she gets together socially with you and Polly Hamilton.

She will go through with it because the Immigration Service is pressuring her. They intend to deport her unless she can get it fixed. You are her fix.

Don’t stay in Chicago, Johnny!

Your Loving Mel

& & & & & &

July 22, 1934

Dear Johnny,

I’m so scared, my love. I had another dream last night. More like a nightmare.

We were at the theater and coming out after the Clark Gable picture. We were happy, and then everything started to close in on us. I heard shots, and we fell to the ground, awash in a sea of blood.

I pray to God that you will get both my letters.

Your Loving Mel


Anna Sage just called and has said that you and she and Polly are going to the movies tonight.

Don’t go!

The Bureau and police are setting a trap for you at the Biograph and Bijou. As Charles says, you won’t be going to see a Shirley Temple picture, so the Biograph it is. With Clark Gable.

I’m sending this letter off right away.

& & & & & &

September 27, 1934

Dear D. & C.,

Johnny is recovering nicely from the wounds received at the Biograph. He is feeling much better and is his old chipper self.

There are times I wonder if I am dreaming and will wake up back at my old position, but this is all real. Somehow I must have done something right, perhaps in a past life.

That night we began our new life, it was chaos unleashed. My dream was coming true, and it nearly killed us both.

It also helped us escape. It was all so confusing and chaotic, but my instincts and Johnny’s were on target. We managed to escape a trap that might have ensnared lesser men.

So we are full circle, Johnny and I, together forever a year after our first meeting.

Johnny and I thank you for everything. Due to circumstance we cannot tell you our location, but rest assured we are safe, happy, and well.

Your Devoted Friends,

Mel and Johnny

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