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Week 15: New England Patriots 17, Buffalo Bills 10 (9-5) (Sunday, December 20, 2009)

Week 15: New England Patriots 17, Buffalo Bills 10 (9-5) (Sunday, December 20, 2009)

A win is a win, and the Patriots are still in first place in the AFC East after beating Buffalo, and New York and Miami losing their games today, but the offense is still jumbled and sputtering despite Randy Moss having a good game, silencing critics from last week, and the defense had to be the one to pick up the slack, which was a great job, as so many players are injured, especially key defensive linemen Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren. Tom is really banged up with an injured finger (possibly broken) on his throwing hand, a sore shoulder, and a rib that may be cracked. He didn't have a great game today.

Baby note: Baby Brady has a name! Benjamin Brady (not Greg, Peter, or Bobby) is the official name now. :)

I know I’m lucky my team is most likely going to the playoffs, but the type of play we’ve seen from them does not bode well for reaching the Super Bowl. Around here, we’ve come to expect excellence, and we’re not getting it this year. However, anything can happen in the playoffs! :)

Six years ago a major blizzard hit New England on a Saturday before the day of the game against the Miami Dolphins, and Patriots' fans had to dig out their own seats, many sitting on snowbanks to watch the game. Hey, we don't let a couple of feet of snow keep us away from football, baby! :)

This time we got lucky. Buffalo was actually sunny for part of the game, and didn't get hit by the nor-easter, but Foxboro did. It would have been a repeat of that game. :)

It was the game in which the Patriots clinched the division, beating Miami 12-0, and when Tedy Bruschi slid into the end zone after intercepting the ball, snow was thrown up into the air to punctuate the song, Rock 'N' Roll Part 2! Good times. :)

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