bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Heroes--The Finale!

Tonight's finale: wow!

For Petrellicest fans, the ending was *awesome*!  How romantic was that? ;)  Declaring their love before they soar off together into a starburst!  LOL!

Also interesting is that Nathan proves he's got a good heart, too, sacrificing himself for so many people, though I think his primary interest was in helping his brother, knowing what killing all those people would have done to Peter. And if Peter had to die, he was going to be there right with him.  Though of course Peter probably survived!  Nathan?  We'll see next season, I guess!

For our other slash couple, Ando survives!  And gives Hiro the courage to do his job.  Man, the eclipse saved Hiro at the beginning of Volume Two!
Claire is reunited with her father and will be with the rest of her family.

D.L. and Micah survived!  Yay!

Hopefully Matt Parkman can do the same.

And Sylar?  He'll be back.  An evil creep like that doesn't die! 

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