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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom

So, The Dark Knight Of The Soul Arc has been wrapped up, and the House Of Wayne is stronger than ever, having weathered a very dark time, indeed.

Clark and Bruce have learned new things about each other, and Dick and Alfred have shown their own mettle in the Days of Darkness. Brendan has drawn closer to the inner circle, and is a trusted member of the Family, too.

The Arrows came through with flying colors, and Steve and Hal weathered revelations of their own, and plan to help free Diana and the Amazons.

So what’s up in the next arc, The Jewel In The Crown?

The House Of Wayne travels off-world to a planet that treasures its pleasure slaves in ways that are different from Earth’s, and Clark and Bruce learn more about their Master/slave dynamic, in addition to their relationship as lovers.

There’s kink! And a definite lightening of the atmosphere after such a dark arc as we’ve just read. My kinks are pretty mild. No golden showers or other squicky stuff like that! And there will be warnings, but mostly, this arc is more about fun mixed in with the serious stuff. :)

As a supporting plot, Hal and Steve come up with a way to help Diana and the Amazons free themselves after centuries of slavery.

Rainbow’s Freedom is going on hiatus while I concentrate on holiday projects. The end of the year is approaching fast, and I need to get some writing and typing done! I hope you’ll enjoy the holiday stories in the meantime before the next arc begins.

Thanks to all who read and comment, because without you, I wouldn’t be able to keep up the pace on this project.


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