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Quick Reminder & 2010 Challenge Thoughts

Just a quick reminder that all Challenges I’m hosting will end on either December 31, 2009 or January 1, 2010!

Some thoughts on 2010 Challenges:

Yes, I’m cooking up some new stuff! :) I’ll always host Valentine’s Day and Halloween Challenges as long as there’s a community here, but what about the others?

Well, I hadn’t intended to run a year-long Challenge next year, but an idea came to me that works perfectly for all year ‘round, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

As far as the others go, I have a few ideas running around, some possible quickies (maybe a month or two in posting length) or different themes. Then again, you may see similar themes again, depending on what I ultimately come up with.

So you can count on at least three Challenges in the DC fandom next year. :)

As for Public Enemies fandom, I’m considering a few ideas. I’ll probably host another Halloween Challenge, since it fits the fandom well, and it’s my favorite holiday, anyway. ;) As for the rest, I doubt there will be a continuous stream of Challenges, as we’re a much smaller fandom, but who knows? Now that the DVD is out, maybe guns_fedoras will get more members! :)

So keep your eye on this journal for some announcements at the end of the year!

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