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"Kandor" (9.07) (November 8, 2009)

"Kandor" (Season 9) (Episode7) (November 8, 2009)

Well, it’s been ages since this aired and I watched the tape (thanks to the lovely clarkscherry!), but I had some thoughts I wanted to share:

Three things stood out to be about this episode:

1) How Jor-El/Zod paralleled Clark/Lex.

2) The true Jor-El was finally revealed.

3) Clark held a father who died in his arms for the second time in his life.

The great friendship, the ‘stuff of legends’, between Jor-El and Zod, ended tragically, and now they are great enemies. It’s always sad to see great friends fall out with each other. And love turned to hate is the worst of all. Clark and Lex were truly Destiny, it seems.

Little wonder that Clark was wary of meeting Jor-El. All he had to go by was the AI of the Fortress. Which makes me think the programming was sabotaged before it left Krypton or was corrupted somehow. Jor-El/AI is too capricious, cruel, and interested in Clark taking over Earth for humanity’s own good. The Jor-El we saw in flashbacks and as the clone was the Jor-El of comics and ‘toonverse: good, kind, noble, and more like the kind of man Clark would descend from than the AI’s personality. Even though more of Jor-El’s true personality was coming out in the AI towards the end.

Did you heart break when Jor-El died in Clark’s arms? *sniffles*

I did like the scene in which Ollie told Clark he’d go to hell and back just to see his parents again. I’d say he and Bruce could commiserate on that. Ollie’s pain is understandable, just as Clark’s wariness is before he realizes Jor-El’s true nature.

And that’s doubly sad. He just learns to appreciate his father without the filter of the warped AI, and he loses him. My poor, poor Clark.

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