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Public Enemies Day!!! :)

What’s today? It’s Public Enemies Day! :)

The DVD (also on Blu-Ray) is being released today! And I’m sure Netflix will have it available, too.

I stand by the review (spoilers) I wrote a day after seeing the film, and my recommendations (spoiler-free) which I’ll quote here because they are part of the review entry:

If you’re a Christian Bale fan, you will love him in the clothes. Sorry, he never gets out of them. ;) He has a supporting role so isn’t in the film as often as Johnny Depp, but he was in it more than I expected. The lighting does him justice, and especially highlights his beautiful eyes in certain scenes. Hands are very yummily noticeable, too, not to mention other, um, assets. ;)

If you want to enjoy his beauty, go, but if you don’t like understated performances, perhaps this movie is not for you, Christian fan or not.

The violence wasn’t as bad as I expected. In fact, it wasn’t much worse than you would see on a Law & Order episode. I’d bet that the final scene in the ‘67 flick Bonnie & Clyde was bloodier.

If you love period pieces, this is a good film. If you have no interest, then you probably won’t like it.

If you know about John Dillinger’s story or want to learn more, this is a film that I would recommend.

Also, if you like slash… ;)

And now on to the slash couple that is my favorite (though you can slash more!):

Spoiler-free pimping of beautiful men:

The pairing of John Dillinger and Melvin Purvis appeals to me because in many ways they’re star-crossed lovers, with tragedy lurking around them, but you also have the freedom to come up with ‘happily ever after’, and one giving up everything for the other. Usually it’s Mel, because it’s harder for Johnny to give up his life of crime to ‘go straight’ for his G-Man, but if anyone could do it, Johnny could! ;) Usually fics of this sort do involve Mel giving up everything: career, his life as he knew it, etc., all for love. The romantic in me finds this very appealing!

The two are only on-screen with dialogue for less than ten minutes, but what a scene! Filled with UST and suggestive dialogue. Don’t let some of the lines fool you. There has to be macho bono fides established, especially with Melvin’s men right there in the room, but the smiles and looks and body language…sizzle! ;)

They have two other scenes together but in one, they don’t even see each other but are in proximity, and the other they are in closer proximity but it’s not face-to-face. I don’t want to say more as it would get into spoiler territory.

What, how can a fandom be built around less than ten minutes of actual interaction? Well, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan from The Phantom Menace were together for less than a third of the film and thousands of stories have been written about them. I guess we Mel/Johnny fans can make something out of a sizzling scene. ;)

And there are other pairings available to fans: the canon het pairing of Johnny/Billie, and other slash pairings of Mel/Carter (another fellow agent), and Mel/Charles (Winstead, another agent and ex-Texas Ranger). This pairing has a mentor/apprentice feel to it as Winstead is at least ten years older than Mel and acted much like a mentor during the film. There’s even Mel/Hoover for the squick factor, LOL. Though I’m afraid it’s pretty much one-sided.

Hmm, seems like Melvin Purvis is gettin’ a lot of action! It’s always the quiet ones. ;)

Everyone’s tastes are different, and even if you do see this film you may think I’m nuts for loving it and may see no slash at all, but that’s cool. You may even think the scene I described as slashy isn’t at all. I have no problems with that! I just tells it like I sees it. ;)

As you may already know, I started guns_fedoras for everything creative about the film, so you might want to check out the stories there (though a lot will have spoilers). Just sayin’! ;)

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