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Fic: Family Traditions II: "O, Christmas Tree!" (1/1)

Title: Family Traditions II: "O, Christmas Tree!" (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Bruce, Wee!Dick, Alfred
Genres: Challenge, Fluff, Holiday, Slice-Of-Life
Rating: G
Warnings: Sap Alert! ;)
Spoilers: None
Summary: Every ornament has a story.
Date Of Completion: November 27, 2009
Date Of Posting: December 4, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 625
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my LJ Third Anniversary Fic Request Meme for mithen. Character: Wee!Dick. Prompt: Gift. Also written for my 2009 DCU Fic/Art Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge: Prompts: Christmas Tree, Sparkle, Garland, Glitter, Ornaments, Crystal, Star, Jewels, and saavikam77’s 2009 DCU Free_For_All Winter Holidays Challenge. Prompts: No. 3: Twinkling Lights/Star/Sparkle and No. 16: Gifts.
The entire series can be found here.

Sparkling glitter,
As snow falls
And the fire crackles,
While we put up
The Christmas tree.

The glitter
In a child’s
Excited eyes,
And every ornament
Has a story.

Sapphire Stagg
"O, Christmas Tree!"
2009 C.E.

Bruce smiled at Dick’s excitement as they hauled the giant tree through the snow. Pink-cheeked from the cold, the boy nearly flew over the snow, blue eyes sparkling.

That excitement was still there, paired with awe, as he gazed up at the giant tree in the living room at Wayne Manor.

“That’s just awesome! We always had a tree in the trailer, but it had to be small. Nothing like this!”

The smell of evergreen permeated the room, matching the aroma in the foyer. Alfred and Dick had decorated the grand staircase’s balustrade with garlands of fragrant evergreen and holly berries. Huge wreaths with berries, golden fruit, and giant red bows adorned the front and kitchen doors.

Boxes hauled down from the attic were scattered around the room, and Dick immediately found the box with garland, pulling out a gold one that glittered in the sunlight shining through the windows. He wrapped it around his neck like a scarf, eyeing the silver garland.

“Time to decorate, right, Bruce?”

“Of course.”

Alfred was bending over a box. “Lights first.”

The long string of tiny multicolored lights had to be untangled, sometimes with muttered imprecations under the breath, then wound around the tree.

“The ornaments, sir.” Alfred held out a delicate, hand-blown glass ball. “This, Master Dick, is a genuine 19th-century German handcrafted ornament purchased by Master Bruce’s great-grandfather Charles when studying medicine in Leipzig.”

“And this one is a handmade ornament that Great-Grandmother Ava Kane made when she was just a little girl,” Bruce said as he lifted out a glittery pink heart trimmed in ivory lace.

“And, what have we here?” Alfred reached into another box and drew out a delicate ballerina ornament dressed in a pink tutu.

“Grandma bought that when she was touring England with the circus,” Dick grinned.

“Alfred, where’s the puppy?”

“Right here, sir.” Alfred handed Bruce a wooden puppy dog ornament. “My mother bought that on Carnaby Street.”

“Awesome!” Dick looked in the box for the next ornament.

Bruce started a fire in the hearth, Alfred putting on Christmas carols, Dick eager to hear every ornament’s story. He was amazed at the Kryptonian crystal that Clark had given Bruce, its otherworldly beauty captivating him, the crystal catching the sunlight and glowing with prisms of fire.

“Clark gave that to me the first Christmas we knew each other,” Bruce said, affection lacing his voice at the thoughtfulness of his best friend.


Bruce felt something blossom deep inside of him as he watched his boy. It was their first Christmas together, and Dick had brought the holiday spirit back to the Manor after too long an absence.

He had first brought Thanksgiving back to the house, opening Bruce’s eyes to the joys of family again.

Dick seemed made for Christmas, sparkling as gaily as any ornament, a pixie with the joy of the season in his heart.

“Wow!” Dick’s eyes grew wide as he lifted out an ornament shaped like a star, every inch covered in glitter. The sun caught the ornament in its rays and it sparkled madly, the sunshine catching the gold garland wrapped around Dick’s neck.

It was if the boy’s sparkling heart was a living thing, chasing away the shadows from all corners of the Manor and bringing his own brand of glittery goodness and joy.

Dick’s laughter spilled out like sparkling jewels.

There would be a pile of presents under the tree by Christmas morning, but the best gift of all was the joy that Dick had given Bruce.

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