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Week 12: New Orleans Saints 38, New England Patriots 17 (7-4) (Monday, November 30, 2009)

Week 12: New Orleans Saints 38, New England Patriots 17 (7-4) (Monday, November 30, 2009)

The glory days are over.

It started out well. It ended badly.


Drew Brees of the Saints had a record-setting performance against the clueless defense of the Patriots. He shredded them like they were a bowl of cereal. It was embarrassing!

And the offense? Abominable! Tom threw one of the worst interceptions I’ve ever seen him throw. He looked like a rookie out there.

The coaching sucked, too. BB looked like he's past it, as the British say, for cryin' out loud!

And they still had a chance when they scored a touchdown early in the third quarter, but then the Saints came marchin’ down the field in 90 seconds and scored again! Once again, down by two TDs.

It was an abysmal performance. And as the philosopher-coach Belichick says, you get an idea of what kind of football team you have by late November. What do we have? A team that has a great offense that sputters too often, and young, inexperienced players on defense who aren’t championship caliber by far.

They’ll probably run the table the rest of the season (the quarterbacks they’ll face won’t be that good), win the division and win their first playoff game at home, but there’s no Super Bowl in their future. It irritates me that another year of Tom’s prime is wasted, but so be it.

So goes the travails of a fan!

If I had a mood icon that said 'Disgusted', I'd use it!

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