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December Fic Writing Goals

So what are my fannish writing goals for the rest of 2009?

I’m working feverishly to revise and post the final chapters of the fifth arc of Rainbow’s Freedom. Six more chapters to go!

I’m concentrating on holiday projects for the month of December, so my claims tables might be put on hold, unless they fit one of the projects. I am satisfied with my progress on those tables this year, though. More than half done!

I have ideas for both of my Winter Holidays Challenges (DC and PE) and despaired a few weeks ago that I’d be able to meet all my holiday obligations, but once I wrote and posted the Thanksgiving fic for Public Enemies, it seemed to jumpstart things!

So far I've claimed two prompts for the World’s Finest Gift Exchange, one of which I’ve finished and the other is started. It may end up as two or three chapters, not sure yet.

My own holiday Challenges have two stories slated: one is written and the other is in the simmering stage.

I owe Wish List stories, and one of those is written while the other is being plotted out in my head. And there’s a Christmas gift story I started writing today.

There is a backlog of stories I’ve written and they need to be typed up, so you may see non-holiday tales pop up on my journal in between the festive fic! ;)

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