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Potpourri Of Things

Hmm, I have one of those urges to do a non-fic post, you lucky people! :) So here goes, a potpourri of thoughts and things:

Today it's *gorgeous* outside. I cut the grass with my environmentally-friendly push mower, weeded, and took my daily walk. I'll be going back out pretty soon because it's just too nice to stay inside today.

Weird feeling: despite the evidence of spring all around me, yesterday and today I had the feeling that it felt like fall: crisp, with an unusual light, and a clear blue sky. It makes me think that along with *deja vu*, maybe our comics friends and their multiple universes might not be wrong after all. I mean, this is clearly spring and yet I feel transported to fall for a moment? It's like a feeling you get when walk along, and it's like for the briefest of moments, you're existing in the past. I know, crazy! :)

The Red Sox came back from a 5-0 deficit in the bottom of the 9th yesterday at Fenway and won, 6-5. :)

Tonight, next-to-last episode of "Heroes", and Wednesday, the finale of "Medium". Also, "Smallville" has another new episode, perhaps the finale? Finale for "The Office" and "Scrubs" and the "Law & Order"s I watch.

Booked my shuttles to get to the airport from home and to be picked up at the airport in Lansing.

Sending con roomie Khylara a hug! :)

Please check out the Fic Prompts and the Beltane/Spring Challenge if you haven't already! Already have some good stuff for both! :)

I find that whenever I see the M&M's commercial using the Addams Family, I smile! :)

I also love the Master Card commercial in which the elephant takes care of the zookeeper, who has a bad cold. Awww!!! :)

At loose ends fic-wise as two major stories have concluded ("Rainbow's Freedom" and "Wings Of Angels"). I guess I'll just have to work on that femslash (which I hinted at in the "Wings" final chapter ;) ).

Hey, everyone have a good holiday weekend in two weeks (Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S., and Victoria Day in Canada close to the previous weekend)! Don't post too much to the flist! Go, enjoy the fresh air! *trying not to have reams on my flist when I get back after the holiday* ;)

Bonus points: my hair looks *fabulous* today! Believe me, I never consider myself a model, but some days the hair just *works*! :)

Fasting today after yesterday's migraine. Must flush out the system!

Watching the old Battlestar Galactica episodes again lately, the slash just *screams* at me between Apollo and Starbuck as it did years ago! :) Yesterday's episode, "Living Legend", has a scene in which Starbuck is upset and Apollo says, "Hey, it's me, remember? We tell each other things."

It amuses me no end that as the series progressed, both of the boys became joined at the hip. Not only during duty hours and missions, but off-duty they were seen so often together you started thinking of them as apolloandstarbuck. :)

I need to tape the show when I go away in a few weeks because I *really* want the two-part episode in which Apollo is 'killed' and Starbuck falls apart, losing his head and then collapsing in tears. Then he *offers his life in exchange for Apollo's* and when Apollo is restored, Starbuck smiles through his tears (yep, he cried again!). Oh, the aliens brought Apollo back but didn't need Starbuck's offer, thankfully! :) Maybe it was the Starsky & Hutch effect, as those two '70s cops were always crying over each other and doing the touchy-feely thing. They didn't bother with subtext on that show! :)

Ah, the Galactica boys: each risks his life more than once to save the other; Apollo asks Starbuck if he's jealous of his prospective bride (Early episode. Luckily for us slashers, Serina (Jane Seymour) succumbed to the Cartwright Curse (well, Lorne Greene *was* playing Apollo's father) and died soon after the wedding, leaving Apollo a son to raise (with Starbuck's help) )! And after that question, Starbuck answers *yes*! LOL! It was about Serina becoming Apollo's wingman (that's Starbuck's job) but it was double-layered there. :) Starbuck was so upset that Apollo's wingman was never changed to anyone else for the rest of the show, and it wasn't Apollo's decision to replace Starbuck with Serina to begin with, which was interesting. :)

Also, their triad uniforms (sports uniforms) left *very* little to the imagination, and they were partnered! ;)

Okay, enough yakking! When I go off-line next week while on vacation you'll be spared all this palaver! :)

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