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"Idol" (Smallville 9.08) (November 13, 2009)

"Idol" (Season 9) (Episode 8) (November 13, 2009)

Once I get the tape of “Kandor” (thanks, clarkscherry!), I’ll put up that review. For now, "Idol"!

Channeling The Dark Knight much?

So I thought I was back in the movie theater watching Christian Bale as The Dark Knight. ;) The storyline was certainly similar: politicians calling for their resident hero to show himself and stop being a vigilante. Of course, while some are genuinely concerned, others just want the photo ops or control of the hero, and Metropolis’ D.A. certainly fit that mold.

The homages to classic Superman were fun: Lois being thrown off the roof of The Daily Planet, the glasses! and Lois certain that Clark is Superman (or the Blur) and being tricked into not believing it…at least, not quite.

Lois in therapy seems to fit. ;)

I squeed when I saw the glasses. Pity they haven’t had the glasses on the entire series. Clark has shown himself to everyone and his brother by now, including the Wonder Twins, who, BTW, were refreshing as kids who weren’t villains or crazed fans, genuinely wanting to help. Just run-of-the-mill meteor freaks. ;)

Chloe’s eavesdropping and surveillance would have bothered me once upon a time, but I’ve learned to consider SV a dark Elseworld, and considering all the craziness that’s gone on up to now, with meteor freaks, a high-handed Jor-El AI, rogue Kandorians, and Lex Luthor living in Smallville, what’s a rogue Chloe? She was affected by Brainiac possessing her, completely lost it during the whole Davis arc, was grieved by Jimmy’s death and her role in it, and now is just throwing ethics out the window. She has no patience for Clark’s moralizing and will do what she thinks is necessary. What’s a little eavesdropping if it saves the world?

It’s the kind of argument we get when people say that Batman should kill the Joker, or Superman just take over the world and impose order, and so on. Chloe believes that she is helping Clark, saving him from himself, and she and Ollie are willing to do the dirty work in this ‘verse. Hell, Bruce probably carries a gun in this ‘verse!

I’ll have to admit it’s weird that Clark is keeping Lois in the dark. He’s told just about everybody, including the Wonder Twins, who he is! What, he doesn’t think they’ll see his picture by his byline in The Daily Planet and not recognize the Blur?

The whole Blur thing: lame-o (It's like us slash fans saying "Just kiss him, already!" Just come out of the closet and don the tights and cape already)! SV painted themselves into a corner by not having Clark wear the glasses and act more meekly growing up and having a secret identity so that he can be Superman without a mask. Though it was cool to see the curl when he was emerging from the shadows and talking to the Wonder Twins.

Next week looks interesting as Zod and the Kandorians take center stage again.

Is this Zod from the past? Because the Zod who possessed Lex in "Vessel" seemed far more mature and certainly more menacing! With all my hopping around this season, did I miss something?

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