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Fic: Blood On The Snow (1/6)

Title: Blood On The Snow (1/6)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Mel/Johnny
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Fairytale, Romance
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Not really.
General Summary: The Grand Duke is charged by the King to bring in the Rogue Knight…but the fairest Knight in all the land falls in love with him instead.
Summary: Snowfall brings magic…and love.
Date Of Completion: August 22, 2009
Date Of Posting: November 14, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 519
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: I’ve written straightforward fairytales before in other fandoms and got an idea for this one, but then my Muses threw me a curve and insisted that this story become a hybrid of classical fairtyale and 1930s, so that’s why you’ll see Kings and Knights but greatcoats and fedoras instead of armor, and cars instead of horses. Hopefully it works! Enjoy! ;)
All chapters can be found here.



Falling softly,
Like diamonds,

The cabin
In the forest.

Cut off
From the rest
Of the world.

Lady Elsinore Allen
"Blood On The Snow:
The Legend Of The Rogue Knight
And His Dark And Beautiful Knight"
1934 C.E.

And, lo, the Cabin was warm, the curl of smoke coming from the chimney as the fire crackled deep in the hearth as the two men curled up with each other on the bed, a soft down quilt draped over their naked bodies.

The Rogue Knight (so named for his charming sunshine of soul and dashing outlaw exploits) smiled and brushed back the hair of the Dark Knight (so named because he was dark and beautiful, the fairest in all the land), and said, “You saved me after the Battle of Little Bohemia. I would have bled to death in the snows without your help.”

Mel smiled and caressed Johnny’s face. “I could not let you die.”

“Even though I am a knave?”

Mel laughed. “A charming one. When I first looked upon your face, I was lost.”

Johnny’s amber eyes sparkled. “Mmm, my darlin’. I knew beauty when I first laid eyes upon you.” He took Mel’s hand and kissed his fingers. "My Prince Of The Snows, pure and unsullied."

Mel blushed a little but smiled, and then his eyes grew clouded. "But we are on opposite sides of the law, Beloved. I am but a Knight in the service of the Grand Duke Edgar." His lip trembled. "I have no power to stop the Duke from hunting down you and your men."

Johnny laughed. “I am smarter and braver than all of the Duke’s men!”

Mel smiled but kissed Johnny’s cheek. “Still, I worry. Duke Edgar is under great pressure from the King to capture and make of you an example.”

“He will have to go through a mountain of snow to get to me and my Merry Men!”

Mel shook his head fondly. “Sir John, why do you rob our people’s banks?”

“Ah, but therein lies the rub, Sir Melvin.” Johnny’s thumb rubbed Mel’s cheek. “They are not the people’s. The bankers and merchants grow fat and rich off the backs of honest men’s toil.”

"You are wrong about King Franklin. He and Queen Eleanor try to aid the people in this time of great struggle.”

“The robber barons will not allow them to succeed.”

“What you say causes great trouble in my heart.”

“Poor darlin’.” Johnny stroked Mel’s face. “Come with me, and serve your heart instead of blackguards like Duke Edgar.”

Sadly, Mel said, “I cannot. My duty is clear, but…”

“But what, my Dark and Beautiful Knight?”

“I love you dearly, Johnny.”

Johnny smiled and gentle mischief sparkled in his eyes. “’Beloved/Speak not my name/In broken longing/Tears like blood/On the snow.'”

Mel’s eyes answered that sparkle and he continued, “’Instead/Speak my name/In joyous song.'”

Together they quoted, “’My heart/Forever/Is yours.'”

They kissed, and Johnny said, “Someday I will come for you, my love, I promise.”

The snow continued to fall around their safe haven in the woods.

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Tags: blood on the snow, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies
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