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Fic: European (Riviera) Triptych III: Summer Night On The Riviera (Triptych Series I) (1/1)

Title: European (Riviera) Triptych III: Summer Night On The Riviera (Triptych Series I) (1/1)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Mel/Johnny/Billie
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, PWP
Rating: NC-17 (It really earned this rating! ;) )
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Not really, since things ended up quite differently in this particular AU. ;)
Summary: Johnny, Billie, and Mel fit together in so many ways.
Date Of Completion: October 25, 2009
Date Of Posting: November 12, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1126
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: I often use canon as a jumping-off point into other possibilities, though there are plenty of canon stories from this fandom coming up on my ‘To Write’ List. ;) Isn’t it great to be in on the start of a new fandom? :) This story, however, is one of those where events branched off from the movie timeline at some point, and there was a happier ending than that of the events at the Biograph Theater in Chicago on the night of July 22, 1934. If John Dillinger had survived that night, or it hadn’t happened at all, it would make sense that he and the ones who loved him couldn’t stay in America. I haven’t gone into details on the hows and whys, and may only hint at them in the next two installments of this trilogy, but I hope you enjoy this little tale of love ‘undercover’. :)
The entire series can be found here.

August 6, 1938


Mouths moved over silken skin, hands over swelling breasts and sharp hipbones, the rustle of silk sibilant in the warm suite, the filmy gauze draped over the bed from the canopy.

The three lovers happily tasted and explored, little sounds of passionate happiness filling the room.

It was just where Johnny wanted to be, gently cupping Billie’s breasts while Mel rained butterfly kisses on his back.

The French Riviera suits me just fine.

He gasped as Mel’s tongue slid to the small of his back, Billie moving underneath him. His cock nudged between her legs, her hands stroking his hips, Mel nipping gently at his skin.

Oh, yeah, a very long way from Mooresville, Indiana.

Billie spread her legs, guiding him into her warm wetness with a groan as Mel kneaded his buttocks, gently pushing himself in, pleasure radiating through Johnny’s body.

“Billie,” he gasped, moving carefully inside her, her head thrown back, exposing her smooth throat. She gripped his arms hard, Mel stroking his back as he began to thrust deep inside Johnny, whispering endearments as a rhythm developed, Billie moaning, “Oh, Johnny,” Mel breathing in his ear, “Mmm, Prince,” and Johnny felt himself come with a shout as Mel drove in hard and deep, touching that place of pleasure that sent him reeling, Billie shrieking in delight. Pinwheels sparkling in front of his eyes, Johnny moaned and pulled out of Billie, collapsing on the bed as Mel briefly rested on top of him, carefully disengaging from Johnny and settling next to him.

“Oh, wow,” Johnny breathed, staring up at the canopy. Mel and Billie chuckled, curling up next to him.

In all his days of bank robbing and on the run, Johnny had felt alive, exhilarated, energized. After years of being stuck in prison, he wanted to scoop up life with a spoon and relish it as much as he could, and the life he’d led in America had been a wild ride.

Never would he have dreamed of ending up on the French Riviera, but that wild ride had given him this exotic locale…and the two people he loved most in this world.

He would always be grateful for his time in America, for the life that had led him to this one.

Johnny smiled as he drifted into sleep.

& & & & & &


Billie smiled as the weight of Johnny settled over her, her hands busy stroking and kneading. She felt a sense of wild abandon as Johnny suckled her breasts, drawing little moans out of her, and Mel eagerly kissed his way down Johnny’s back.

Johnny’s face was ecstatic as he eased inside of her, Billie licking her lips as she watched Johnny above her, Mel busy worshipping Johnny.

She lost herself in pleasure, gasping as she orgasmed. Mel and Johnny quickly followed her, and Billie gently caressed Johnny as he collapsed next to her. Mel was on Johnny’s other side, and they exchanged loving smiles.

“Oh, wow,” Johnny breathed, Billie and Mel chuckling as they curled up next to their mutual lover.

Billie pulled the sheet up over their bodies. It was a warm evening but there was already a cool breeze coming in through the windows, fluttering the gauzy curtain around their bed. She didn’t want them to catch a chill.

Smiling to herself, she regarded her two men. What a strange, exciting twist her life had taken since that night in the nightclub when she’d first met Johnny!

Oh, it hadn’t been love at first sight. She’d definitely been interested in the handsome young man who had come up to her table and offered to buy her a drink, shyly listening to her instructions when she taught him to dance.

Then she’d thought him arrogant, leaving her on the windy sidewalk to talk to some buddy inside the restaurant he’d taken her on their first date that same night. She’d learned what Johnny was really like quickly, though, and had fallen hard.

It had been crazy for months after that, chased by the Bureau, and Melvin Purvis was the top pursuer, except he had tumbled into Johnny’s bed. Johnny had fallen hard for the slender Southerner, and the feeling had been mutual. When Mel had helped them both escape, he’d given up his old life to start a new one with the two of them.

At first she thought that it was gratitude and affection that allowed him in her bed, but it had quickly turned to genuine love.

Her Johnny was all easy charm and grace, a lithe panther whose smiles hid steel underneath.

Her Mel was equally charming and graceful, endearingly shy and sweet, and yet he possessed the same bright steel.

Maybe once upon a time she could have easily survived if Mel was lost to them, leaving her with only Johnny, but she knew better now.

She loved her boys equally.

& & & & & &


Johnny’s skin was smooth and sweat-slicked beneath his hands and mouth, feasting his eyes on lush buttocks while catching Billie’s blissful expression as Johnny slid between her spread legs.

Mel was ready to slide into Johnny, quickly preparing him as he slid home, tight heat clenching his cock as both Johnny and Billie moaned in a sweet symphony.

The sound tingled through him as he started to thrust, excited by Johnny thrusting into Billie. Their rhythm was like their relationship: passion-in-sync.

Pleasure skittered through his limbs and centered around his cock as he slid in and out of his lover, Billie’s beautiful face enthralling him as he grasped Johnny’s hips.

Pleasure exploded in his body as Billie’s passionate gasps and Johnny’s delicious groans sent him into a spiraling orgasm.

He and Johnny disengaged, and Mel exchanged a happy smile with Billie as he curled up beside Johnny, who breathed, “Oh, wow.” Billie pulled up the sheets to cover their naked bodies and it was time for sleep.

He could have never have dreamed that his life would take this turn, leaving America for the South of France, leaving behind his career and family, though admittedly his relationship with his father had been strained for some time, and his brothers and sisters were no doubt horrified as to his betrayal of the FBI. Worse, he was sleeping with two people at the same time. Doubly worse, one of them was a man.

When he’d been put in charge of the Dillinger case, he could never have imagined ending up in his bed.

And now he had both Johnny and Billie, an embarrassment of riches.

Mel kissed Johnny’s chest as he drifted off to sleep, his hand brushing Billie’s as they rested their arms across Johnny’s stomach, all three sighing happily.

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Tags: melvin/johnny/billie, public enemies, triptych (european)
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