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"Rabid" & "Crossfire" (Season 9) (Episodes 3 & 6) (October 9 & 30, 2009)

"Rabid" & "Crossfire" (Season 9) (Episodes 3 & 6) (October 9 & 30, 2009)

I won’t say too much about "Rabid" since it’s been so long since it aired, but I finally got to see it, thanks to ficitonalknight, the dear! The story should have aired Halloween Week! LOL! I’m not big on zombies, but this was well done.

And ladies! Omigoddess! Sizzling, smokin’ HOT, Tess and Lois! Wowza! It was as good as I’d hoped. Tess has the best chemistry with the women on this show!

Okay, now on to "Crossfire".

The opening vignette was fun, and no wonder the producers wanted to hire Lois and Clark Tom Welling’s eyes are really being photographed beautifully this year, aren’t they?

I really liked the promotional poster. Pity they don't make a batch of 'em and sell 'em to SV fans. ;)

Ollie has found his Mia! That’s a nice nod to canon, though I don’t know Mia’s background but I doubt she was a prostitute in the comics. Though one never knows nowadays. Ollie needs someone to keep him grounded.

Can I say how Justin Hartley is hitting his scenes out of the park? That his tearful scene with Lois was so outstanding, and Erica Durance did a bang-up job, too.

Chloe and Clark obviously have a truce, and she’s got herself someone who challenges here now in Stewart. She didn’t hesitate for a second to blackmail him. You know, forget ethics and morality in this SV ‘verse. I’m rooting for the characters to do their dirtiest from now on! ;)

Clark’s honesty appears to have gotten him a pretty cool blind date. ;)

Good thing he and Lois didn’t get the job. It would be like the comics in the ‘70s: every time Clark Kent was on camera as WGBS anchorman and had to do his super-thing, he had to come up with a way to get off camera!

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