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Fic Tally (October)

October was a busy month! The pairings were all pretty much different.

Rainbow’s Freedom’s chapters continued to be posted, started in previous months. Quite a bit of fic was generated due to my LJ Third Anniversary Fic Request Meme.

The 17 new stories were:

A Steve/Diana tale, "Three Dollars For a Lousy Bag Of Peanuts!".

Two Apollo/Starbuck stories this time around: Just Like An Old Married Couple and The Long And The Short Of It.

The Trinity stars in Eve Of Battle.

Four Clark/Bruce stories, The Pretty Man, Mixing Work And Pleasure, Heartland VI: "Trick-Or-Treat!" and Pumpkin Muffins. The last two were written for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge.

A story in which Dick waits for a mystery lover: Hot Chocolate And Sparkling-Warm Cranberry Muffins.

A Bruce/Dick tale: The Sun And The Moon Looked Down Upon The Stars.

Clex! Spiced Pumpkin And Whipped Cream.

The Public Enemies offerings were one gen Woman-To-Woman (Doris, Billie, Melvin) and five Mel/Johnny stories:

Silvery Moon

Mel’s Secret

A Foggy Day


Death Mask

The final three were written for the 2009 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Fic/Art Halloween Challenge.

Quick dcu_freeforall Challenge updates:

Steve/Diana: 11 of 15

Bruce/Dick: 7 of 15

Clark/Bruce 11 of 15

Total: 29 of 45

Total number of fics of all kinds in 2009: 91

So went the month of October for BradyGirlfic! ;)

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