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It’s Halloween Week!!!

*shrieks excitedly*

The best time of the year!

The leaves are at peak color here, and the nights are dark and spooky as leaves blow down the street when the gusts of wind howl through the neighborhood. Dunkin’ Donuts is offering apple twisties and pumpkin muffins, and the costume shops are doing a brisk business while the harvest is at its most colorful. I bought my pumpkin just the other day! :)

We have new entries into the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge, which are awesome! :) We’re in the home stretch!

Salem will be jam-packed this year on Samhain since it’s on a Saturday, but it’s always Mardi Gras-crowded now. Back in the early ‘90s I visited Salem on two Halloweens and if you like crowds and getting the spirit of the place, I’d recommend going. However, don’t expect to find a place to park unless you have lodging in town, and don’t expect to be able to get near a restaurant. The crowds have grown since the ‘90s and now just fill the place, which is a small town, not a big city like New Orleans.

The atmosphere is awesome, and you can attend a Witches’ Circle on the Common. The Common ceremony is free. Hmm, not sure if the Common Ritual is going to go forward this year even though it's listed on the Daily Events but the site may offer more info.

The Circle of the Nine Wells holds a Samhain Ritual on Gallows Hill but charges to attend now. I attended the Gallows Hill ceremony twice (before they charged!) and found it exhilarating, though a bit unfocused at times. The march down Gallows Hill with candles flickering to commemorate those unjustly executed in 1692 was moving and something I’ll never forget being a part of. They have info linked from the Salem site, whereas in the years I went, you really had to dig for the information. It was almost underground!

If crowds aren’t your thing, go to Salem in early October. You’ll definitely get vibes and be able to get into restaurants and other attractions without too much trouble. It’s the perfect time because it coincides with foliage extravaganzas!

Here’s the link to Salem’s Haunted Happenings.

Here’s the link to Daily Events.

If you plan to go next year, BOOK EARLY!!!

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