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"Roulette" (Smallville 9.05)

"Roulette" (Season 9) (Episode 5) (October 23, 2009)

Smallville is an AU. Smallville is a dark AU. Smallville, the safe haven of Clark’s childhood in the comics, was beset by meteor monsters on a weekly basis, and the Kent Farm still ends up Ground Zero for every super-villain in sight. The most fitting symbolism is Clark’s black Superman outfit, instead of his bright primary colors. People who are the good guys do questionable things. The morality is slightly warped,certainly not as twisted as Star Trek’s Mirror Universe, but it’s got its twists and turns.

Within the context of a darker Smallville AU, I can totally buy Chloe and the rest of the JLA putting Oliver through hell for his own good. I can buy them keeping Clark out of the loop, because he is that bright light of hope in a dark universe despite all the mistakes he’s made, and he’ll be their savior in the end. Chloe and Oliver understand the dark side, and are willing to deal with it in themselves and others.

I liked seeing Ollie come back to hero status. Yes, he killed Lex. But honestly? He was temporarily insane. He was completely OOC all of last season. He struggles with his dark side but is a hero at his core. He’s shown in the past he isn’t all goodness-and-light. Remember, he was a bully at Excelsior until that kid was killed (not his fault).

I didn’t like Ollie last year because they were trying too hard to make him an Evil Lex clone. This year he was being eaten up by conscience.

Why does Clark forgive him while turning away from Lex? Maybe he realizes there’s shades of gray, or he was too immature to deal with Lex’s insanity, or just didn’t know how to deal with it, period.

I liked Lois and Ollie reaffirming their friendship. With so many fractured relationships in this 'verse, it's good to see some people able to stay connected.

In this AU, there’s a lot of madness out there. Methinks that exposure to meteor rock has affected many of the people around Clark: Lex, Chloe, Ollie. Lex was told since birth that he was a monster (Lionel made sure of that, wrapped up in Alexander the Great Conqueror scenarios and the heir to the House of Luthor, and even his mother said he would become evil. Remember that dream he had?), so the poor guy self-fulfilled the prophecy when his meteor illness finally kicked in.

Chloe was mesmerized by Davis Bloome. She fractured her relationship with everyone because she was infatuated with Davis.

It cost her Jimmy and friendships and colleagues.

Ollie killed Lex because he was certain that it was the only way to protect Clark while completely off-his-rocker.

It cost him everything.

And now the Kandorians are spread out over the Earth, and the small band of heroes are all that’s standing in their way.

Should be interesting in the days to come! :)

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