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"Echo" (Smallville 9.04)

"Echo" (Season 9) (Episode 4) (October 16, 2009)

Okay, haven’t seen "Rabid" yet but that will change soon! Instead you get my review of "Echo". :)

Weird season! Watching and reviewing out-of-sequence, all late, yeesh!

Perception, Destruction.

That about sums up last night’s episode. Clark learned about perception through the use of his enhanced hearing (or mind-reading, if you want to get technical). He learned valuable insights. For once Jor-El messing with him was a good thing. ;)

Poor Lois. Here she starts to fall for Clark and then the circumstances twist around so that it seems like he’s only interested in a story. Well, she’s a tough girl and she’ll survive, but we know she’ll get her man in the end.

Ollie’s descent into hell was well-done. I think the man was temporarily insane when he killed Lex. Was he acting like himself at all back then? It’s like Lex’s descent into madness, a good man embracing his dark side…or his dark side snatching him.

Ollie’s conscience is killing him slowly. I knew that he didn’t know the pressure panel was fake when he stepped off it. He considers himself worthless, and doesn’t want to be a burden on his loved ones anymore. Clark still cares, not just because Clark cares about nearly everyone, but because he knows that Ollie is worth saving.

I’ve always had a fondness for Ollie in all of his incarnations. He was created as a poor man’s Bruce Wayne, but he’s also someone who is closer to us mere mortals: he screws up, often, but keeps on going. Right now he’s tearing himself up with guilt and remorse and it’s going to take a lot of patience and strength to bring him back, but he’s worth it.

Back to Clark: while a Clex fan first and foremost, I can enjoy good Clois moments. I especially liked the shot of the two of them standing in front of The Daily Planet mural.

Clark looked especially gorgeous tonight. His eyes were a soft green and full of compassion, the dear.

Justin Hartley did an exceptional job with his part, making you believe that Ollie was a tortured soul (and is Lex haunting him?).
Tom Welling’s look of shocked surprise when he realizes that Ollie tried to commit suicide was excellent.

And Tess? Mercy on us! ;) She is twisted and fantastic. The Toyman is a fun villain, and as twisted as she is. And, BTW, he does have a beef about being framed for murder! But since he'd murder, anyway, I'm not too broken up about it. ;)

And I couldn’t help but snicker at all the people perving on Clark when he could hear their thoughts. ;)

All in all, a pretty good episode. I’m just riding the wave this season, baby!


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