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Lightbulb! (Pro Writing Update!!) (10/16/09)

Yep, I’m updating again! I got another lightbulb moment! *laughs* It’s my second one on this novel. It’s the most utterly FANTASTIC FEELING IN THE WORLD!!! It just comes to you, bam!, in an instant!

I was dissatisfied with the motivation for my plot. My McGuffin is good, but the motivation behind it…well, greed was the motivation and while that’s Top Ten, it seemed lacking. And so it came to me in a brilliant instant, Light from On High hitting my creative cells…a curse, a curse, my kingdom for a curse! It’s PERFECT! It’ll fit the whole tone of the novel and will add so much!

Of course, this means going back and adding a bunch of stuff, but so what? I have to do that for my narrator’s voice. The voice is starting to come in the later chapters I’m working on, but still needs some zing and zip! So I have to go back and revise everything, anyway.

But as a writer I LIVE for these moments of inspiration, when it springs fully-formed like Athena from the brow of Zeus! Woot! :)


31188 / 50000 words. 62% done!

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