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What's On My Fannish Plate?

So, I’ve been busy writing my professional novel, which is getting top priority, but after the day’s chapter is done, I relax with fanfic. Writing and reading! :)

Halloween stories are being posted at a good pace this month. With two more weeks to go, I have two more holiday stories to share: one for DC, one for PE.

I’ve really been making headway with the dcu_freeforall challenges and my LJ Third Anniversary Fic Request Meme. Both have been inspiring me! :)

I’ve got a long list of ideas to be written, though admittedly, some will never see the light of day. But it helps me to have them there on the notebook page to look at now and then and see if the Muses turn the ideas into something substantial.

I do have 15 ideas written out in my notebook, the first drafts waiting to be revised and typed. So it looks as if you’ll be seeing plenty of stories from me until the end of the year, in between the chapters of the fifth arc of Rainbow’s Freedom. And that doesn’t even count the prompts and requests that are still on the to-be-written list, or the other ideas that don’t fit either of my special projects.

These are the reasons I’m not planning on joining NaNoWriMo! ;)

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