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Fic: Wings Of Angels Trilogy Book I: Epidemic (11/14)

Title: Wings Of Angels Trilogy Book I: Epidemic (11/14)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Bruce/Dick, Clark, Allie, Barbara Gordon, Ollie Queen/Dinah Lance (Ollie does not appear in this chapter), Roy Harper
Series Notes: When Gotham falls to an epidemic, Batman and Robin need help to protect the city. All chapters can be found here.
Categories: Drama, Angst
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Peace within darkness.
Date Of Completion: April 18, 2007
Date Of Posting: May 8, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 553
Author’s Note: Once in awhile an original character will slip into the group up there on the Characters/Pairing line, so if you don’t recognize the name, that’s probably why. :) 





He floated, as light as air and as calm as the glassine sea.  He felt neither cold nor hot, just a pleasant warmth with a touch of coolness.  Wisps of clouds caressed his skin and he was certain he was in the sky, even though his eyes were closed and he couldn’t see.  Not seeing did not cause him panic, nor regret, just acceptance.


There was no pain, no fighting to breathe, no worry or anxiety or unhappiness.  He smiled as he thought, Bluebird of Happiness, and laughter echoed around him like silver strands.


He felt the touches.  A touch of a hand a little warmer than human, strong and able to smash worlds with one blow.  Soft whispers. A lighter touch, motherly concern, and he felt at peace.


He could hear music in the distance.  Was it the harps of the fabled, or just some rock n’ roll band?  His body still floated, his desire for movement sated by the gentle rocking. 


Voices that were familiar. 


“I’m sorry.”


He frowned.  Such pain in that one!  He wanted to reach out and comfort the deep, rich voice, but he couldn’t quite get his own voice to work. 


Time was timeless.  He wasn’t sure if days or weeks or months passed.  Maybe it was years. 


A tiny nagging scratched at his mind.  It was limned with longing, and the pleasant warmth tried to banish it.  He let it remain, but it stayed small.


“Damn, Short Pants, who would’ve thought you’d go this far to weasel out of returning a few overdue library books?”


Silvery laughter, the touch of warmth, the taste of sun-burnished clouds as those clouds bore him along.


“A Robin who can charm the birds out of the trees?”


Little Bird lost.


“Birds of a feather.”


Birds can fly, and so can I!


Time flowed again, and he wanted to take out the nagging itch and examine it, but it wouldn’t come, staying just out of reach.


“Don’t worry, the Bat’s wings are all around you, and so are a lot of other people’s.”


Warmth spread through him at the new voice.


 “Do you know how well-loved you are?  Probably not.  You just go on with your life, doing all the things you need to do, like going to school and running around this crazy city at night, and keeping the Bat sane.”




“You do, you know.  He’d go right over the edge without you, so don’t go anywhere, okay?  Bad enough you’d be leaving old friends likes Supes and my crazy mentor and the Pretty Bird and Alfred, not to mention your team and your best bud.”


So many loved ones.  So many.


“I know you wouldn’t mind seeing your parents again and letting Bruce’s know how much he misses them, but please, wait a little while longer before you become the star attraction of Heaven’s circus, okay?”


Mom?  Dad?


“Don’t leave me.”


I won’t.


It was Bruce, the other half of his heart, calling out to him.  Did Bruce hear him?  He was always so alone, so afraid to open his heart.


A crushed childhood, blood and pearls and tears, all so sad, just like screams and sawdust.  They knew each other.  They understood each other.  They were destined to be together.


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He sighed.

Tags: barbara gordon, batgirl, batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, clark kent, green arrow/black canary, ollie queen/dinah lance, roy harper, speedy, superman, wings of angels
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