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"Metallo" (Smallville 9.02)

"Metallo" (Season 9) (Episode 2) (October 2, 2009)

I missed viewing "Metallo" because something went wrong with my sister’s machine, but I’ve gleaned enough from other people’s reviews to have an opinion.

I agree that Metallo is too good a villain not to appear again, and I’m betting he will. I’ve always felt sorry for villains who through grief and other circumstances are driven to their actions, like Two-Face’s madness driving him on while a part of him struggles against his insanity, but in the end they still have to be stopped, so John Corben had to be stopped. Though I thought Lois’ comment about him being a heartless bastard was pretty insensitive. Can you imagine the horror he felt at waking up and discovering what had been done to him, and the Kryptonite was poisoning his mind. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

I knew that Clark couldn’t stay away! ;)

Chloe being jealous of Lois is perfectly understandable. Don’t forget, this woman’s life was turned upside-down after she learned Clark’s Secret. In the world of SV, people pay a heavy price for knowing that Secret. She was a loyal sidekick for years, and now Lois has taken her place.

And I understand why. She can’t be fully trusted anymore. I don’t buy her story about why she went with Davis. She wasn’t doing it to protect Clark. She was in love with Davis and couldn’t help herself. Why should he trust her completely anymore? He’s been betrayed so many times, I can’t blame him for keeping a distance from Chloe.

While I’m glad that Clark is back at The Planet, I thought the Kal-El storyline should have gone on a little longer. It was wrapped up too quickly, IMO. To see Clark realize that his emotions keep him from becoming a cold, god-like being would have been a good arc for this season, perhaps after some examples of him being 'too alien' or too detached. Clark's humanity keeps Superman from becoming an impersonal tyrant, who has a stake in the fate of the people he serves, because he has emotional connections. It's both a strength and a weakness, but necessary to his career as a superhero with the powers of a god.

I did read the dialogue between Tess and Lois. Sexual tension, much, ladies? ;)

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