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Week 4: New England Patriots 27, Baltimore Ravens 21 (3-1) (Sunday, October 4, 2009)

Week 4: New England Patriots 27, Baltimore Ravens 21 (3-1) (Sunday, October 4, 2009)

The previously-undefeated Baltimore Ravens left Foxboro with their first loss today. The Patriots were an improved team on both sides of the ball, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

The Patriots’ offense started out disappointingly with a field goal instead of a TD after the first play of the game produced a fumble and the ball on the Ravens’ 20-yard line. However, they did get three touchdowns today, and Randy Moss caught his first touchdown pass of the season from Tom. There was some sputtering by the offense, including a play in which defender Terrell Suggs knocked the ball out of Tom’s hand and it was recovered by Baltimore in the end zone for a touchdown, but the offense came roaring back and the defense held the Ravens when it mattered.

All-in-all, improvement from the first three games but mistakes made that need correction. Baltimore was a tough opponent but in the end, the Patriots gutted it out.

Interesting notes: veteran wide-out Joey Galloway has had obvious trouble picking up the offense. In the Patriots’ offense, a wide receiver can’t just concentrate on his own route. He must know what the other wide-outs are doing, read the blitz, and make adjustments. Some receivers can’t do that. Looks like Joey might be on his way out, as he was a healthy scratch this week, and the Patriots aren’t exactly hip-deep in receivers.

The NFL is part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so the players wore pink accessories: cap brims, gloves, wristbands, etc. Very cool! :)

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