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Fic Tally (September)

How'd I do in September?

Six stories were posted in September, but quite a few chapters of the long fics, Rainbow’s Freedom (Clark/Bruce) and Now And Forever I: Johnny’s Indulgence (Mel/Johnny) that were begun in previous months.

The six new stories were:

Three Clark/Bruce tales: Catch A Falling Star (Glitter’d Rain), The Couple On The Street, and From Different Worlds.

Hal/Steve made their appearance in the current arc of Rainbow’s Freedom.

Mistress Of Magic I: Dinner Party featured Steve/Diana and Ollie/Zatanna in the Smallville ‘verse.

Bruce/Dick appeared in a sad, mystical tale (Rain-Glittered).

Mel/Johnny from Public Enemies starred in a story written for the 2009 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Fic/Art Halloween Challenge: Somewhere, Somewhen I: Soaked In Scarlet.

Quick dcu_freeforall Challenge updates:

Steve/Diana: 10 of 15

Bruce/Dick: 6 of 15

Clark/Bruce 9 of 15

Total: 25 of 45

Total number of fics of all kinds in 2009: 75

So went the month of September for BradyGirlfic! ;)

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