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"Savior" (Smallville 9.01)

"Savior" (Season 9) (Episode 1) (September 25, 2009)

My reviews will be pretty late this year, but if anyone’s interested, I’ll still be doing them. Spoilers ahead!

Cool outfit, Clark, but it’s a bit of a shame that a long black leather coat and a black T-shirt with the ‘S’ symbol is considered a better costume by some than your traditional primary-colored costume. The Clark of the comics wears his costume with pride. Pity the SV producers don’t think the same way.

Cool graffiti, though. ;)

That aside, we know that Clark won’t last with this unemotional stuff. He was raised here. He’s more Human than Kryptonian. He can learn about his culture and appreciate the good parts of it, but his Destiny, as they keep yakking about, is here on Earth, not on some New Krypton. And he’ll defend Earth from Zod and those who try to make it just that.

And if Clark ever did distance himself from humanity, he could become a Zod, or at least a hero with god-like powers who becomes cold and uncaring. Without his innate humanity and connection to humans, he would be a dangerous all-powerful hero. His compassion keeps Superman from becoming a tyrant. Batman needs an obsessive, calculating personality to push himself as he’s non-powered. Superman is dangerous without the constraints of human emotions.

I sympathized with Chloe’s anger when Clark refused to go back in time to save Jimmy. He’s right that he can’t play God, but she’s right that she’s given up so much for him, too.

I love the stained-glass windows in her new digs.

I heard about the last five minutes (tape got cut off) and the future does seem grim! Interesting theme for the season to try and prevent that future.

The ninja-style fight was well-done, and I couldn’t help but think that it’s a pity Clark couldn’t have been taking lessons from a certain Bat in Gotham. ;)

Zod is kinda meh right now. He just doesn't strike me as a charismatic general capable of ruling a world, but we'll see.

Ollie’s fight career is interesting. He’s playing up the decadent playboy image because he doesn’t consider himself a true hero anymore, and he should step away from the game because he crossed the line by killing Lex, and his actions helped kill Jimmy. The others in the JLA stepped away, too, and that’s a good thing. In the dark SV ‘verse, they’re already approaching burn-out, and they followed Ollie for awhile, betraying Clark.

On a purely decorative note, how delicious is a naked Ollie stretched out in bed in the credits? ;)

John Corbin is a chilling addition. Between him and Zod, Clark’s going to have his hands full!

It always comes back to the Kent farm, doesn't it? :) That farm and especially the barn has seen its share of action! But it's like a metaphor: that despite the craziness of this 'verse, Smallville and the farm is still 'home' and a haven to Clark.

Pity that Annette O'Toole is long gone from this show. There could be some very good scenes as she angsts over her son cutting himself off from everyone he loves, including her, but as it is, she isn't even mentioned.

I give this episode an overall ‘B’, I think. Nothing spectacular, but setting things up well. I’ve learned not to have high expectations anymore for this show. It’s long past the days of the early seasons, and while I’m still interested, I don’t hold my breath for anything. I’m just watching it play out in its final season. Easier on my blood pressure. ;)

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