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Thank You! :)

Whee! It was a GREAT birthday, and THANK YOU for all the wonderful greetings and gifts! I received:

Greetings and well wishes from eternal_moonie, zenithjolt, shiny_glor_chan, merfilly vocallight neversince, loopylouise123, quyllur, mithen, bat_angelwings, silvertales, cold_nostalgia, ilyena_sylph, darkeyedresolve, saavikam77, brushed_velvet, digitalwave, swingandswirl, carolandtom, morganichele jlvsclrk ladyblkrose (with a birthday kitty!) :) paxwolf mistressmarilyn ladybugkay

Virtual gifts from ctbn60, patrese1, charliemc, and carolandtom: (red and blue balloons, a chocolate cupcake, and pink tulips)


Joy (Steve/Diana) by starsandsea

Eleutherios (Steve/Diana) by mithen

Birthday Robin Wishes (Bruce/Dick) by kittymayhem

Pie In The Sky (Clark/Bruce) by northern_star

Possible Connections or Doubtful Hopes (Bruce/Dick) by zenithjolt

Here Comes The Sun (Bruce/Dick) by ladybugkay

Banners from ctbn60 (Rainbow’s Freedom), skund (Robin & Friends!), and gilda_elise (Glittery, Sparkly)

LJ Gift Certificate from jeannev

Dozens of icons (Tom, Christian, Halloween, Public Enemies) from khylara

Glitter Graphics (A Sweet Trio!) from lee_ashburn, Sparklies! from neversince and more Sparklies! from stinglikeabee.

Original illustration Nice To Meet You, Commissioner (Batman, Robin, and Jim Gordon) from hitokaji

Public Enemies (Mel/Johnny) Card by gairid

Special DC Presents scans (Super-Prisoners Of Love) by ava_jamison

Pix and albums of Tom Brady and Christian Bale by ilovetobefree


If I forgot anyone, don’t be shy, speak up. :)
Tags: birthday, family, flist, friends, love, rl, thank you
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