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Halloween Challenge Update!!! (9/26/09)

Two updates for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge! My own story of loss and reunion, and zenithjolt's completion of her multi-chapter horror tale.

The complete Master List is here.

Title: Rain-Glittered (1/1)
Author: bradygirl_12
Pairings/Characters: Bruce/Dick
Genres: Angst, Challenge, Drama, Holiday
Rating: G
Claim: For the dcu_freeforall Challenge (Bruce/Dick)
Prompt: T 14; P 9: Save Me From Myself...
Prompt Count: (6/15)
Warnings: Major character death?
Spoilers: None
Summary: Batman prowls Gotham, bleeding inside without his Teen Wonder.
Date Of Completion: September 12, 2009
Date Of Posting: September 25, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 686
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: Written for my 2009 DCU Halloween Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. Prompts used: Gold, Ghosts/Spirits, Glitter, A Dark And Stormy Night, Gotham City.

Title: I'll Bring You Back (1-5/5)
Author: zenithjolt
Characters/Pairings: Tim/Kon, Bruce, Lex, Dick, Clark, Alfred (Jason, Babs mentioned, hinted Lex/Clark).
Continuity: Comicsverse
Genre: romance, drama, AU, horror.
Rating: Um, PG-13 (Altogether NC-17)
Warnings: Death, angst, religious uh stuff, Lex Luther, ummm i think that's it o.O
Spoilers: Tim brings Kon back from the dead! But things go wrong, deals are made, and things get creepy.
Disclaimer: Do not own Characters... if I did though, there would be a lot of slash :P
Prompts Used: Frankenstein, Books on Halloween and/or magic (ancient or modern), Pumpkins and/or Jack O’Lanterns, Candles, A dark and stormy night.
Author’s Notes: Written for bradygirl_12 's 2009 DCU Fic/Art Halloween Challenge. Man, I really went to town with this D: plot bunnies EVERYWHERE @_@ Expect there to be a Clex prequel, because these bunnies are rabid. Well, feedback will be greatly appreciated, and con-crit too. Enjoy!
Tags: challenge, master list
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