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Fanfic Update! :)

Hmm, September will be drawing to a close soon and October beginning. What kind of projects will be featured on this LJ? :)

It’s going to be Halloween stories! I have just finished my DC story, all sweet ‘n’ sappy ‘n’ happy. ;) I also have three possible stories for Public Enemies and my favorite slash couple. :) I’m trying to wrap up Now And Forever I: Johnny’s Indulgence as you can see by my rapid-fire posting of the final chapters.

Rainbow’s Freedom is the default project and I’ll be busy revising/posting the fifth arc for the foreseeable future.

There are Steve/Diana, Bruce/Dick, and Clark/Bruce stories to post. :) All are related to my claims tables for dcu_freeforall.

I haven’t decided whether or not to take prompts when my LJ anniversary rolls around in five weeks. I think I’ll see how full my plate is by then. With my pro novel, some of my fannish writing time is lessened. I may compromise and put a limit on requests if I decide to go ahead with it.

Public Enemies stories: the second part of the Riviera Triptych Trilogy, and a fairytale that surprised me in some ways. Also a story that takes place at the Biograph and draws on Mel’s worst fears.

So, there is a blueprint for October. Whether or not I can follow it, we shall see. If I get even half done and posted, I’ll be happy. :)


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