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Fic: Now And Forever I: Johnny’s Indulgence (17/22)

Title: Now And Forever I: Johnny’s Indulgence (17/22)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Mel/Johnny, Red Hamilton, Homer Van Meter, Russell Clark, Eddie Green, George ‘Baby Face’ Nelson, John Chase, Elmer Stone
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Captivefic, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: Sexual assault, violence
Spoilers: For the movie, natch. :)
General Summary: During the chaos of the shoot-out at Little Bohemia, Special Agent Melvin Purvis is captured by the Dillinger Gang and becomes a ‘Hostage To Fortune’…and ‘Johnny’s Indulgence’.
Chapter Summary: Trouble comes in the form of newcomers to the cabin.
Date Of Completion: August 4, 2009
Date Of Posting: September 19, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1797
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This story was inspired by Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy. Alexander the Great’s men accepted their leader’s indulgence, who happened to be Bagoas, the Persian Boy, an ex-slave who shared Alexander’s bed. They didn’t object to him being male but that he was a barbarian (non-Greek). It showed their love and respect for Alexander when they accepted Bagoas, and learned to respect him in his own right.
Canon is a jumping-off point but I changed several things, including the survival of Johnny’s gang, as their dynamic was important to this story.
Mostly this is drama with elements of romance, so I said what the heck and included that in the Genre. :)
Yeah, this was going to be a one-shot, albeit a long one, but the boys were just too much fun to play with. ;)
So, enjoy this story of seduction, sex, and a touch of Stockholm Syndrome. ;)
The entire series can be found here.



The stench of evil
Fills my senses
As I am safe
No longer.

Aaron Brecker
"Bloodied Ruins"
1896 C.E.

Late-morning sunlight streamed in through the kitchen window. Red escorted Mel into the kitchen, the agent dressed in fresh silk pajamas of Johnny’s and his robe. He nodded to Homer, Russell, and Eddie, who were sitting at the table.

“So you have all the ingredients?” Mel asked Red.

“Not sure about the stock.”

Mel searched the cabinets. “Here!” He triumphantly produced a can of Campbell’s chicken broth stock. “Perfect. I can chop up the rest. Gentlemen, I can make a big pot of chicken noodle soup for everyone if you’d like.”

The three gangsters exchanged looks, and Eddie said, “Sounds good to me.”

Mel nodded and quickly went to work chopping celery, carrots and potatoes to add to the pot, cutting up fresh chicken as the main ingredient.

Soon the soup was simmering on the stove and the smell was enticing. Mel cleaned up the cutting board.

“Johnny will appreciate it,” Red said as he handed silverware to Eddie, who set the table for lunch.

“I hope so. I learned this recipe from Evangeline, but unfortunately don’t have her special spices to put into it. But I think it would be good for Johnny’s sore throat.”

When the soup was ready, Mel ladled it out into two bowls and put them on a tray, taking it to Johnny while Red dished out the soup to the rest of the gang, who had been drawn by the aroma to the kitchen.

“Wow, this is really good! Pity we can’t keep Agent Purty around as cook,” Russell said with a wink.

Red laughed. “I don’t think that Johnny would mind, but I think Agent Purvis might want to get back to his old job.” Though seeing him with Johnny, he had his doubts.

& & & & & &

“Mmm, very good, darlin’.”

Mel was pleased. He wanted to help coax Johnny’s appetite back, and the soup seemed to be working. He had to admit to himself that he’d done a good job.

“I’m afraid the bread is a little stale,” he frowned.

“Goes good with soup, though.” Johnny savored the meal, feeling much better.

When he was finished, Mel took their bowls back to the kitchen, and Eddie said, “Great soup! Feel free to grace us with future culinary delights, Agent Purvis.”

Mel couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll keep that in mind, Mr. Green.”

He brushed his teeth in the bathroom and was heading back to Johnny’s room when he felt dizzy. He leaned heavily against the wall, realizing how tired he felt. He hadn’t gotten much sleep the last several days, dozing in the rocking chair while tending Johnny.

A strong arm grasped his elbow. “Come sit down for a minute.”

He was led into his old room and sat on the bed, Red closing the door. “Do you need to lay down?”

Mel shook his head. “I’ll be all right in a minute. I think lack of sleep has caught up with me.”

“No wonder. You nursed Johnny tirelessly. We’re all grateful.”

Mel smiled tiredly. “I hated to see Johnny so ill.” He rubbed between his eyes. “I was quite worried about polio.”

“I know. I was, too.”

Mel looked up and perfect understanding passed between them.

& & & & & &

Johnny improved steadily, and when he was strong again, the Prince showed his appreciation, and Mel was pleased with the royal favor. Very pleased.

& & & & & &

One morning soon after, Johnny kissed Mel on the temple. “I gotta go and meet some people, Sunshine. I’ll be back this afternoon.”

Mel grabbed his arm. “Be very careful.”

Johnny nodded. “Red’s coming with me, but the rest of the boys will be around.”

Mel nodded. He knew that he was safe.

& & & & & &

Johnny knew that he would have to make a move soon. His only regret would be saying goodbye to Mel. He would be able to meet up with Billie, but he would still miss his Agent Purty.

“We’ve got a good chance to go on the move, Johnny.”

Red was relaxed, looking forward to something new. Johnny grinned.

“You’re right about that. Chicago’s out. I’m thinking Oklahoma this time.”

“Oil money. Banks should be fat ‘n’ sassy.”

“Yeah, while the Dust Bowl drives off the hard-workin’ folk.”

“You should apply to FDR for one of those Cabinet jobs. You sound like you’d fit right into the New Deal.”

Johnny laughed. “Washington’s not my kind of town, Red.”

“It fits our guest.”

Johnny smiled a little.

“What’s your plan for lettin’ our guest go?”

“Walter’s first cabin. It’s close to the main road.”

“Ah.” Red nodded. “I’m sure he would have appreciated the irony of that.”

“Even though he’s gone, he’s still takin’ care of us.” Johnny watched the passersby from behind his tinted glasses. The town of Bayside was just a hamlet with only a handful of houses, a general store, gas station, and combination lodging house/restaurant. Johnny and Red were sitting at an outdoor table drinking beer and eating fresh trout, caught in the nearby lake. “The cabin we’re holed up in was the second version for ol’ Walter.”

“Good thing both were under his cousin’s name.”

“Mmm.” Johnny sipped his beer. “I think I can finagle us a pass outta here in about a week.”

“Let’s do it.”

Johnny smiled as their contact arrived with all the information they needed for their next job.

& & & & & &

The cabin was quiet, Johnny and Red gone and most of the gang down by the stream fishing. Homer was smoking a cigarette by the front door. A car drove up, and three men got out.

George ‘Baby Face’ Nelson grinned. “C’mon,” he said to his two companions.

“Hey, George,” Homer said.

“Hey, Homer. Where’s Johnny?”

“Out, but he’ll be back soon. You and…”

“…John Chase and Elmer Stone.”

“Plenty of coffee and food in the kitchen.”


Inside, Russell looking up from the dining room table, enjoying a mid-afternoon snack.

Nelson removed his fedora and tossed it on the hat rack. Nelson’s men were both big, and Stone had a jagged scar on one cheek.

“How’d you find us?” asked Russell with a frown.

“Oh, I just told Sully that I was workin’ with you guys and the mick told us where you were holed up.”

“Yeah, well, all the beds are pretty full up.”

“No problem. I just wanna talk to Johnny and then we’ll move on. I got a sweet place to hole up.”

“Like Little Bohemia?” Russell’s tone was dry.

Nelson laughed uproariously. “Fulla bullet holes now! I blew away one of the Feds.”

“He survived.”

“Barely. C’mon, boys, let’s get some grub.”

After raiding the kitchen and eating their fill, Nelson wandered down the hall, the radio in the sitting room blaring a Chicago Cubs baseball game. He checked out the bedrooms, opening and closing doors. When he opened a particular door, surprise registered, then a big grin split his face.

“Well, what have we here?” he leered.

& & & & & &

Mel wiped the sweat off his face. It was another hot day. He wasn’t wearing any shirt, not even an undershirt, resting back against the pillows. Red had brought him a glass of cold water with a slice of lemon, and he was grateful.

By his calculation, he’d been here a month. He couldn’t have been unconscious more than a day, otherwise he never would have woken up. Therefore, his tally must be fairly close.

Suddenly the door opened.

“Well, what have we got here?”

Mel’s blood froze as he recognized Baby Face Nelson. Rage over what the man had done to his young colleague in the hallway of the Cherone Apartments building, and then to Carter Baum in the woods outside of Little Bohemia, rushed over him. Carter had survived; Borden hadn’t.

He also felt fear curl up in his gut. The manic glint in Nelson’s eyes as they raked him over made him feel extremely vulnerable.

“I know you. You’re Melvin Purvis.” The jovial declaration deliberately echoed his words of that murderous night in the apartment house, the glitter in the gangster’s eyes searing through Mel.

Nelson waltzed in, his two men right behind him. Mel wanted dearly to shout out that they were under arrest, but of course that would be ridiculous.

“Shut the door, John,” Nelson said.

Mel tensed, acutely aware of the chains limiting his movement.

“So Johnny took you at Little Bohemia like some of the press are speculation’.” Nelson rubbed his chin. “Chained you up?” His smile was wolfish. “Just the way I like it.” He ran a finger down Mel’s cheek, the agent jerking his head away, glaring at Nelson. “You’re a feisty one.”

Nelson was on top of the bed lightning-quick, his men laughing. He pressed close and entangled his fingers in Mel’s hair and viciously twisted a nipple, Mel gasping as he fought to throw Nelson off.

Nelson laughed, running his nails down Mel’s bare chest, biting his collarbone, and Mel shoved with his legs, the struggle causing the agent’s elbow to hit the water glass on the nightstand, shards spraying as it crashed to the floor.

“Get off me!”

Nelson grabbed his wrists and slammed Mel’s head against the headboard, stars pinwheeling in front of his eyes.

“Grab his ankles!” Nelson ordered his men and he sat on the agent’s thighs, Nelson forcing his mouth open and with a leer, slid his tongue in.

Mel was nearly immobile, suffering the invasion of his mouth as Nelson’s erection pressed into him. Fury and fear mingled as he felt like he was being crushed.

His stomach turned at the taste of stale beer and cigarettes, the smell of sweat and Nelson’s arousal filling his senses. Nelson broke the kiss and grinned, licking his lips.

“You sure taste good for a copper.” He ground his groin against Mel, sliding his tongue up the agent’s jaw. “I’m going to really enjoy fuckin’ you.”

“Fuck you!

Nelson hit him across the face, pain blossoming in his eye. “Mouthy for a Fed.” He laughed. “I got a better use for that mouth.”

He pushed Mel flat on his back and started pulling his pants down. Mel let pride fly out the window and opened his mouth to call for help.

Nelson yanked off his tie and stuffed it in Mel’s mouth as the gangster’s hand slid down between his captive’s legs.

Panic flared up in Mel as the full weight of his predicament crashed down on him, mocking laughter filling the room as he struggled to breathe…

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