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Week 1: New England Patriots 25, Buffalo Bills 24 (1-0) (Monday, September 14, 2009)

Week 1: New England Patriots 25, Buffalo Bills 24 (1-0) (Monday, September 14, 2009)

Beautiful model by day, Super Quarterback by night! ;)

Well, my boy did it! Woot! Woot! Woot! Tom Terrific brought the Pats back in the final five minutes of the game, scoring twice and winning a game that looked like a loss. That’s my baby! ;)

The game started out with excitement and hoopla, and the teams were wearing their throwback uniforms, celebrating the 50th anniversary of their existence. The old American Football League had been founded in 1959, and their first season of play was 1960. It was nice to see the old Pat Patriot logo again. And Tom looked so cute! :)

Tom showed his rust after not playing for a full year. He and his receivers’ timing was off, resulting in dropped balls and miscommunications. They had possession of the ball and were moving the chains but couldn’t score, leaving points off the board, ending up behind at the half, 17-13. The Bills had come to play, as they say.

The defense kept the score down, but it’s still suspect. Too many new faces, and young ones, at that. As the clock ticked away and opportunities were lost, it looked like the Patriots were going to lose to the Bills for the first time since 2003.

Then, it was Tom Brady Time! :)

The Pats created a fumble on a kick-off return after scoring a quick touchdown, and drove down the field to score again, perfect passes from Tom setting things up. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

The place went crazy. Patriots’ fans screamed and yelled and danced, and so did I in my living room. ;)

There was still less than a minute to play, but the defense came up big, and the Bills lost, 25-24.

It was a great win, but of course, the Patriots were supposed to blow the Bills out. Hearing about a blow-out always makes me nervous, and for good reason! Things happen in this game. The Bills were better than expected, and the Pats made a lot of mistakes, but winners know how to win! :) Lots of work to do, and our best defensive player, Jerod Mayo, may be gone for awhile with a knee injury. So we shall see!

In the meantime? It was GREAT, baby! Tom Terrific does it again! ;)

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