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My Personal NaNoWriMo


Well, my personal NaNoWriMo did not get started back in August due to RL problems, including humidity that drained me, but now the weather is better and I finally have a definite idea in my head for a novel. I'm hoping to start sometime this week and try and bang out quite a few words per day. *crosses fingers* Where would I get one of those word counters that people use for NaNoWriMo?

Also, does anyone have contacts among literary agents? I know that agents have specialized genres they accept, but even if my novel does not fit their requirements, perhaps they could recommend someone. I'll be doing my own research but personal contacts are the way the world works, eh? ;)

If you don't want to list any agent info in this entry, please e-mail me privately at Thanks!

Autumn always gets my creative juices going! Hopefully there will be success at the end of the rainbow on this one! :)

I think my skill in telling a story with details and characterization will help, and writing epics like Rainbow's Freedom gives me practice with organization and outlines for long stories.

I probably won't update every day. My Muses will run away and hide. ;) But I will give periodic updates. :)
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