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Rheumy Ruminations

 Well,  it's been a quiet but productive day.  I've:

    •  Joined several new LJ communities
    •  Voted for the World's Finest Awards
    •  Commented on others' fic
    •  Took dozens of bookmarks and organized them
    • Let DCU ideas simmer on the backburner of my mind
    •  And even done household chores!  :)
Tomorrow night I'm having friends over and we'll probably watch the Christmas party episode of 'The Office', which I taped last week and is being repeated on Thursday night.  I cooked up a big batch of pasta (rotelle shape) and will smother it with sauce that is rich and dark with ripe tomatoes. 

Other food cravings of late: lemon meringue pudding, roast chicken with herbs, Godiva dark chocolate, cherry pie, and fresh strawberries kissed by the summer sun!  :) 

Will I ever post my DCU fic?  You betcha!  I think I'll be doing so next week.  I finished my WWW Christmas story and submitted it, so now I can work on other things without a deadline. 

What kind of fic do I like to write?  Lighthearted, humorous, romantic, PWP, dark, angsty, and just about anything that comes to mind. 

I'm looking forward to the New England Patriots' game this Christmas Eve in Jacksonville.  The last two games of the season are important as they haven't clinched the division yet.  And, of course, the 10-4 Pats' got screwed in the NFL Pro Bowl voting again.  ONE player going!  Richard Seymour deserves it, but so do Tom Brady, Ty Warren, Asante Samuel, Dan Koppen, and Vince Wilfork.  Well, they can certainly play the disrespect card again!  :)

Oh, yeah, Tom broke up with Bridget (Moynahan) so he's on the market again, ladies and gents.  :)

Goodnight and sweet dreams, my friends.
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