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New England Patriots 27, Washington Redskins 24 (2-1) (Pre-season) (Friday, August 28, 2008)

New England Patriots 27, Washington Redskins 24 (2-1) (Pre-season) (Friday, August 28, 2008)

Tom was connecting with all of his receivers last night, especially Randy Moss, hitting him more than once with some prettily-thrown balls (yes, my slash mind is working here with that phrase, LOL). He led them to touchdowns and while his timing still needed work, he was pretty much stellar. :)

Unfortunately, the offensive line wasn't as sharp, and Tom got drilled by a D-lineman late in the second quarter and came out for the second half but went back into the locker room. BB says it's a bruised shoulder, all we'll get from the Foxboro Kremlin, and I can see lots of chewed nails this year any time anyone gets near my boy. *nervous*

Hopefully it's only a bruise.

Many players did make a good showing, but you can tell some still need a lot of work. Missed tackling is a mystery when you consider the best defensive coach in the game is coaching this team. Why can't these guys wrap up? Yeesh!

It was a good game for pre-season, at least in the first half. The next preseason game will be for the rookies and scrubbinis to play, and it's unlikely Tom will see the field after the hit he took. So it's September 14th on Monday Night Football, baby! And the boys will be wearing their throwback unis to celebrate their 50th season as an organization. All the original AFL teams will be wearing throwbacks at some point this season.

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