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Ficcish Musings

Well, it looks my Muses are really stirring to life. Rainbow’s Freedom (The Dark Knight Of The Soul Arc is back on track, as I’ve started posting it, revising each chapter for the final time as I type it up. I’ve also started writing the 7th arc, with 4 chapters already completed. I expect a lot will be crammed in there. ;)

I’ve got a backlog of stories that need final revision typing: 2 Steve/Diana tales, and a Bruce/Dick. I think I may have glimmers of ideas for mithen’s World's Finest Challenge C, too. :)

I’ve been busy doing some research for another Steve/Diana fic that is fascinating in itself. Research is great fun, especially when it’s for fanfic! ;)

I have a list of about a dozen Public Enemies plot bunnies! Yeesh! I just started posting the long fic, Now And Forever I: Johnny’s Indulgence and have a few shorter fics I might mix in, too. One’s fluffy humor and another is a fairytale of sorts. Nothing in this fandom seems to quite fit into a neat peg-hole! :)

I do have two more stories to round out the trilogy for the Mel/Johnny/Billie Riviera Triptych I: Sparkling Accents. Threesomes are fun to write, because there’s a delicate balancing act there that is tough to achieve, but the characters usually make things right. ;)

Most of my PE bunnies are slash, but I do have a gen bunny with touches of het I might get around to writing.

As for Halloween bunnies, I did finish one for Public Enemies, and I’m mulling ideas for the DCU. I can’t host the Halloween Challenges and not contribute! ;)

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