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Cincinnati Bengals 7, New England Patriots 6 (1-1) (Pre-season) (Thursday, August 20, 2009)

Cincinnati Bengals 7, New England Patriots 6 (1-1) (Pre-season) (Thursday, August 20, 2009)

Well, as you can tell by the score, it was a snoozer! :) But no surprise in pre-season, which is glorified practice. Last week's game was almost regular-season in its intrigue and excitement, and we got to see two quarters of Tom, but this week it was two series, and he got hit hard a couple of times, but bounced right back up. *sigh of ENORMOUS relief*

The offense generated two field goals all night and the Bengals weren't much better with one touchdown. The O-line was leaky, and the D-line had some problems. Tackling stunk like week-old fish, but there's still plenty of training camp time left. :)

The next game is Friday in Washington against the Redskins, and the first team will be out there a lot more.

There were interesting half-time ceremonies. The Patriots and the old AFL had been inaugurated in 1959, their first playing season 1960. The Pats and the Original AFL teams are celebrating their 50th season this year. They inducted their original owner, Billy Sullivan, and MVP 1960s running back, Jim Nance. Their son and daughter accepted the honors, as the two men are deceased. It was a nice little ceremony.

It's Alumni Weekend as several inductees were there for ceremonies at the Patriots' Hall Of Fame wearing their red jackets.

If you'd like to see the Pats' retro unis this year, they'll be wearing them on September 14th on Monday Night Football and possibly more times this year. :)

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