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Notes On Rainbow's Freedom (The Dark Knight Of The Soul Arc)

Well, as you can see, Rainbow's Freedom is back! :)

I thank everyone for their patience. I had truly intended to start posting this arc sooner, but RL and fannish Muses got in the way. :)

I really thought I might be burning out on DC fic after 3 years and over 200 stories, so I decided to step back and only work on a few things this summer to see if I could stir things back to life.

Public Enemies arrived in July, and I got a whole new fandom! :) It had everything: Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, a sizzling slashy scene between the two, the historical details of the 1930s, the gorgeous suits and fedoras, the I was hooked! :) And I started getting bunnies. And you know what? The PE bunnies helped, because I slowly started to get back my enthusiasm for DC again.

And so once again, this saga continues! :)

It will be the darkest arc I've written, and please heed the warnings. There is light at the end of the tunnel for the next arc, and Arcs 7 and 8. I always need optimism slipped into even this darkest of fics, so rest assured, there will be light, but it's always darkest before the dawn.

And the love is still there. Just mixed with pain.

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Tags: rainbow's freedom, the dark knight of the soul arc
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