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BradyGirl's Fic/Art Challenge #1: The Merry Month of May (aka Spring has Sprung) ;)

Well, yesterday was Beltane, the first day of May and a day closely associated with fertility and sex! ;) So I was thinking of issuing a Beltane/Spring Challenge to any interested parties:

Write a fic, draw an illo, create a manip/icon:

1) Any length (drabble, ficlet, short story, long story, etc.)

2) Any genre (romance, angst, drama, humor, PWP, AU, etc.)

3) Any rating (G through NC-17)

4) Any pairing (or threesome, or foursome ;) You know my favorites but as with the Fic Prompts #1 I don't want to stifle people's Muses. I'll probably do some prompts or challenges in the future with specific pairings but not this time! :)

5) Celebrate love! Use the theme of Beltane for the celebration of sex/love, and include elements of spring. Of course you might think bright and happy fic at first glance, but if you have any darker themes you might like to work with (including deathfic), go for it! :)

6) Since Beltane is a Wiccan holiday, if you want to include elements of magic, please do!

If you think your flist or LJ comm might be interested in this Beltane/Spring Challenge, please feel free to call their attention to it. The more the merrier! :)

As with the Fic Prompts #1 , please put in your fic link(s) in this post. Thank you kindly! :)

Tags: beltane, challenge, spring
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