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Happy Birthday, Tom! ;)

It was quite a day! I went down to Foxboro to catch my first practice of training camp. I was lucky and Tom was present. :) It was his birthday and he got a cake in the face and a Gatorade bath to wash it off and vowed revenge while laughing! He’s 32 and looks great! LOL! He’s wearing a knee brace and moving very well.

He had to strip because of the bath but alas, ‘twas only to the waist! ;) But my binoculars caught it all up close and personal! ;)

Lots of different drills with BB working the troops. They have two-a-days scheduled for 9 days unlike last year’s lighter camp. Probably because they missed the playoffs last year. ;)

It was hot but not too bad as it was cloudy most of the time. Well-attended session and I got a good seat on the aluminum bleachers. Lots of QB and WR drills, and the offensive and defensive lines worked as units. There was two-minute drill work and Tom was sharp, connecting with Randy Moss and Wes Welker but was picked off once by Brandon Merriweather. The kickers and punters practiced, as did the field goal unit. I would have liked to have seen more down-and-distance drills but Coach Belichick knows what he’s doing. ;)

I had a juicy First Down Frank and brought my own water. I’ve been thirsty all day! In fact, I’m going to run upstairs in a minute and get a water bottle.

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