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July Fic Tally

There were 5 Clark/Bruce tales this month, easily the winner as to frequency of posting:


Rainbows’ Mists

Don’t Beg For Me

There was a rare Batman Begins/Smallville fic: Red Silk And Black Leather and one in which the boys shared equal billing with Steve/Diana: By-The-Sea V: A Day At The Beach.

There was a pretty intense Bruce/Dick story: Collared I: Wild Thing, and Original Fic #3: Dancing In The Streets about the American homefront’s reaction to the news of D-Day on June 6, 1944.

Diana starred with her mother, Queen Hippolyta, in Jewels In The Crown II: Heritage, and Bruce and Jim from Nolanverse get some quiet, happy time in a local Gotham diner, with foreshadowings of change, in: Early Morning At The Bluebird.

And it’s no secret to anyone reading my journal that the gangster film, Public Enemies, captivated me at the box office, and I wrote two gen fics and one slash:

Cup Of Tea (Melvin)

Afternoon Tea (Billie, Melvin)


"What Keeps You Up Nights, Mr. Dillinger?" (Melvin/Johnny)

Quick dcu_freeforall Challenge updates:

Steve/Diana: 8 of 15

Bruce/Dick: 4 of 15

Clark/Bruce 8 of 15

Total: 20 of 45

Total number of fics of all kinds in 2009: 62

So, there is the month of July for BradyGirlfic! ;)

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