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Fic: By-The-Sea V: A Day At The Beach (1/3)

Title: By-The-Sea V: A Day At The Beach (1/3)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Clark/Bruce
Genres: Challenge, Fluff, Romance, Slice-Of-Life
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Claim: For the dcu_freeforall Challenge (Clark/Bruce)
Prompt: T 16; P 50: Ocean/Sea
Prompt Count: (8/15)
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Clark, Bruce, Steve, and Diana share a cottage at the beach.
Chapter Summary: The early birds are up while royalty sleeps.
Date Of Completion: July 9, 2009
Date Of Posting: July 25, 2009
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1370
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2009 DCU Fic/Art Summer-By-The-Sea Challenge. Prompts: Too many to list! I used a lot. ;) Also written for saavikam77’s dcu_freeforall 2009 Summer Challenge. Prompts: 23. T16; P33: Summer & Special Prompt No. 3: Cook-out.
The By-The-Sea series is an umbrella title for various DC couples enjoying time by-the-sea. The entire series can be found here.



Morning light
Glitters like jewels
Bold and bright.

Like skeins of diamonds
On waters blue,
Bobbing gently,
A crown for you.

Jeannette Star
"String Of Diamonds"
1996 C.E.

Steve woke slowly, smiling as he felt the warm body next to him. He was spooned against his Angel, a light sheet thrown over the lower half of their bodies.

Steve brushed back a wave of dark hair from Diana’s face, skimming his lips over her ear. She stirred, then settled back into a comfortable position. Stifling his laughter, Steve kissed her bare shoulder and watched the morning light stream in through the lightweight shades. There was something special about summer light, especially by the sea. The sound of the ocean was soothing and he considered going back to sleep, but he heard movement in the kitchen.

He carefully slid out of bed, grabbing a light-blue robe and slippers on his way to the bathroom.

He felt more awake by the time he reached the kitchen, running a hand through his hair. He stopped as he saw the figure standing by the counter.

“Good morning, Clark.”

Clark turned with a sunny smile. “Good morning, Steve. Would you like some waffles?”

“Love some.” Steve sat at the bar and gratefully accepted a mug of coffee.

Clark poured batter into the waffle iron, spreading it out with a spatula.

No matter how often he was in close contact with the people in this cottage, he still couldn’t quite wrap his mind around the fact that Superman was in this bright kitchen making him waffles! It could still blow his mind, though he was getting used to it.

He looked around the cottage. Blondwood paneling and yellow-sprigged wallpaper lent the kitchen and living room a cheerful setting. The furniture was comfortable and the view of the ocean across the street was magnificent. It was all open space down here. A staircase curved up to the second floor where there were two bedrooms and a bathroom. A screened-in porch off the living room was at one end of the house, the rest of the porch open with inviting deck and rocking chairs.

“Here, let me set the table.” Steve set down his coffee mug and rose from the stool.


Steve went to one of the kitchen cabinets and took out two plates, leaving them by the waffle iron, and scooped out knives and forks from the silverware drawer. He took out two glasses from another cabinet and walked to the table in the breakfast nook-cum-dining room, arranging everything in two neat place settings.

A lobster boat bobbed on the water that sparkled with whitecaps, a jogger on his early-morning run traversing the beach. A light breeze blew in through the window over the sink, white muslin curtains fluttering.

“Should I put out the strawberries we picked at the berry farm yesterday?”

“Good idea.”

Steve poured the ripe strawberries into a bowl and set it on the table along with a bottle of Vermont maple syrup. He sat back down on the stool at the bar.

“Growing up on a farm means you’re pretty used to getting up early, eh?”

Clark laughed. “True. And I’d bet a military man is used to getting up at the crack of dawn.”

“With the call of reveille, unfortunately.” Steve winked.

Clark grinned. “It appears we have quite a bit in common.”

“That’s true.” Steve sipped his coffee. “We share a middle-class background.”

“Working-class,” Clark said with a smile. “Some years were good, others were pretty tight. I sure learned the value of a dollar.”

“Yeah, my dad got a regular paycheck from the Government but it wasn’t exactly rich. Mom had to stretch things quite a bit.”

Clark used the spatula to place the waffles on the plates, Steve grabbing some napkins and heading for the table.

“Looks like it’s just the two of us,” the blond observed as he took his seat.

“Might as well let our royalty sleep.”

Steve laughed.

Clark went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of orange juice, pouring for the two of them, then returned the bottle. He sat down and poured maple syrup over his waffles while Steve scooped out strawberries with a spoon and sprinkled them over his breakfast.

Clark had put his glasses on. Diana rarely wore hers unless out in public as Diana Prince, but Clark Kent was far more than a secret identity he threw on. Clark was who he really was, not just a cover for Superman.

“Mmm, these waffles are good. You’re a good cook.”

“Thank you. Ma is an excellent teacher.”


Diana stood at the foot of the stairs, rubbing her eyes, her yellow robe tight around her body.

“Good morning, Angel.”


Clark and Steve exchanged grins, the blond quickly getting up and bringing a glass and silverware to the table, pulling out a chair for Diana. “Do you prefer coffee or juice, Princess?”


Steve poured her a glass and set about making waffles for his lady.

“Sleep well, Diana?” Clark asked.

“Quite well, thank you.” Diana scooped out a strawberry with the spoon and ate it, juicy goodness deliciously sweet.

When the waffles were ready, Steve brought them over and set the plate before her.

“Breakfast, my Princess.”

“Thank you, my darling.”

Steve kissed her temple and sat down, putting more strawberries on the remainder of his waffles.

“The weather’s perfect for us to go to the beach,” Clark said.

“It does look like a beautiful day.” Diana looked out the window. “It reminds me of home.”

Steve squeezed her hand.

& & & & & &

Clark and Steve made sandwiches while Diana gathered the umbrella and beach chairs and set them by the door. Clark packed the sandwiches into the cooler and added apples, Hoodsie ice cream cups, bottled water, and cans of soda.

Steve and Clark wore their bathing suits (Clark’s red, Steve’s sky-blue), and short-sleeved cotton shirts. Steve wore straw sandals and Clark flip-flops, and Steve had sunglasses tucked away in his shirt pocket.

Clark glanced over at Diana. “Wow! Gorgeous, Princess.”

“Thank you, Clark.”

“I agree,” Steve said, admiring Diana in a yellow bikini with matching beach robe and sandals.

“A different suit from what I wore last year at Rosebeach, my love.”*

“True, but you fill out both suits admirably, Angel.”

Diana smiled. “Your flattery pleases me, Beloved.”

Steve smiled. He finished slapping mustard on the last sandwich and wrapped it in wax paper, placing it in the cooler.

“Are we ready?” Clark asked.

“What about Bruce?”

“I’m afraid the Prince will have to catch up when he tumbles out of bed,” Clark said wryly.

Diana put on a floppy straw hat with a plastic yellow-and-blue flower on the brim. She took out sparkly cats-eye sunglasses and slipped them on, smiling saucily. Steve walked over to her and kissed her, receiving a happy purr in response.

“Hey, are you planning to leave without me?”

Bruce stood yawning at the foot of the stairs, his hair sleep-mussed and a dark-blue robe wrapped around his body.

“Sorry, love, but we got up, had breakfast, and are on our way.” Clark picked up the cooler and set it by the door.

Bruce sidled up to Clark and pulled him in for a kiss. “I can get ready in five minutes.”

“We’ll be gone at 5:01.”

Bruce smirked, disappearing up the stairs to the bedroom.

& & & & & &

Clark grabbed the umbrella and Steve took the cooler, Diana two of the lawn chairs. Clark debated on whether to pick up the remaining two chairs.

Nah, let the Prince take ‘em.

Clark slung his beach blanket over his shoulder and followed Steve and Diana out of the cottage.

The day was bright, a sea breeze blowing, and Clark was looking forward to a swim.

“Told you I’d be ready.”

Clark turned and smiled as he saw Bruce in dark-blue trunks, sandals, and unbuttoned shirt. He was wearing sunglasses and was carrying the beach chairs that Clark had left behind, a terrycloth blanket slung over a broad shoulder.

The day had just gotten a lot better.


*By-The-Sea III: Angel, Baby

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