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Five Words Meme From Icarus_Chained

Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

icarus_chained gave me:

1 - Honour
2 - History
3 - Dick Grayson
4 - Food
5 - Joy

Honor—I enjoy the concept. It seems more civilized than our current practices of ‘in-your-face’ and ‘Out-for-No. 1'. Honor meant something once upon a time, when men and women felt that it was important.

It’s probably one of the reasons the Civil War intrigues me. The soldiers and officers seemed to genuinely carry a sense of honor. A general and his troops honored a white flag, and if they betrayed that, they were considered the lowest of the low. Prisoners were supposed to be treated well, but of course we all know that in the heat of war, honor can be lacking. But the men of West Point understood the concept, especially as they were personal acquaintances and friends of other generals and officers on the other side. The common soldier had read Ivanhoe and the tales of King Arthur and understood it. Whether or not it could always be followed in America’s first modern war was problematic at times.

History—It’s always been one of my favorite subjects. I like the idea of immersing myself in a time long past, soaking up culture, politics, and events. Time travel stories fascinate me because of the differences and similarities they can show about eras, and of course that notion of changing time is always good for drama! :)

I like to approach history in two ways: as a person of my time looking back and wondering how people could countenance slavery, for example, and then try to understand issues through their eyes. We consider ourselves so terribly sophisticated, but we still know violence, prejudice, and intolerance in our time. We like to think we’ve come a long way and we have in certain instances, but I doubt we’re that much superior to people in the nineteenth century who considered blacks inferior while many still believe that today, and our big social issue of gay rights shows a vicious opposition to people who simply want the same rights as straight people. Years from now people will look back at us and wonder how society ever objected to gay marriage.

Dick Grayson—Ooh, my Dickie-bird! :) I’ve loved him from the very beginning, as boy, teen, and man. I love his brightness, his joy, his love of life. I always felt that he was very good for Bruce, drawing the Bat out of gloom-and-doom and keeping him connected to humanity. He had a very special relationship with Clark, begun during their World’s Finest days and continuing to the present. He was leader of the Teen Titans, so natural at it that he was their first leader and practically a done deal without any votes at all! ;) He excelled at leadership, even surpassing his mentor in this area.

He gave the Manor life after too many years of gloom. He made Bruce and Alfred a stronger family, and his grace and laughter was always attractive. I loved his original Robin costume for its boldness and sauciness, and how this bright little boy beside the dread Batman worked! They were always in perfect crimefighting sync, even when fighting years later.

I don’t have much patience for dark, brooding types. I prefer people who love life and take joy in it. I loved Dick’s stellar qualities of loyalty, intelligence, grace, and leadership. I loved how while he was Batman’s apprentice and sidekick, he was also his equal partner, even as a child. He carries the murder of his parents in his heart but has learned to still enjoy life, something that Bruce has had a more difficult time with. He’s a showman, understanding his role as Robin in the beginning, and now faces his most difficult role: filling Batman’s boots. Even Dick’s taste for glitter and glitz in his clothes is endearing, an amusing contrast to Bruce’s perfect Brooks Brothers taste.

I can match Dick with almost anyone and it works, even though my favorite pairings for him are Bruce, Roy, and Clark. He’s that versatile, sexy, and beautiful (and he's got the unofficial title of Best Ass in the DCU. Even the criminals comment on it! ;) ). He can be Robin, Nightwing, or Dick Grayson, the Wayne heir. He comes from a fun background (the circus) and is an interesting counterbalance: Batman’s deadliest enemy is a clown, and his closest ally/friend (and lover, if you slash them) is a circus acrobat.

Dick is a splash of sunshine, and those around him are better for it! :)

Food—What can I say? I’m a foodie! ;) Food gives me pleasure in life. It also helps with my writing. Food can engage all the senses, and helps bring out a character’s personality. What kind of food they eat and the pleasure (or not) that they take in it can hint or show personality. Also, if your characters are having a conversation over a meal, it just helps the setting if you describe the food in some way: what it looks or smells like, feels like if you pick up it up (sandwich, hot dog, hamburger, etc.), and, of course, tastes like. :) Even what it sounds like if it’s sausage and eggs crackling and popping on the stove or steak sizzling on the grill.

Joy—It’s tough to find joy in life with a world full of hurt and violence, so I like to grab joy when I can and hold onto it, letting it fill me whether simple or complicated. It’s probably why I love joyful characters like Clark and Dick, or take joy in pairings I love, who don’t mind showing their joy (Steve/Diana).

I take joy in fandom most of the time, in LJ, in my writing, in reading, in trees and food and the changing of the seasons. I take joy in passionately rooting for my sports teams, and in having freedom compared to a lot of other countries.

Joy is better than sadness.

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