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First Blush

Whee, it's so exciting to have a new fandom! It's always a heady rush that eventually cools, but while the first blush lasts, it's great! :)

Of course, Public Enemies fandom is very small, and there hasn't even been much slash posted yet, but we're getting there! I've got at least three slash bunnies hopping around! :)

guns_fedoras is doing well by adding new members every day, and fic has been posted over there, and not just by me! ;) And a really cool YouTube vid that shows actual footage of John Dillinger meeting with reporters after an arrest. :)

Hopefully some artistic fans will be inspired. :)

DC-wise, I still have plenty of ideas. I did hit a lag for awhile, and that's why I think Public Enemies caught me. It was like the perfect storm: Christian Bale, an entertaining story that inspires slash, het, and gen, and an immersion into the early '30s, a time period I love. So it all worked out well! :)
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