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Random Ramblings

Yay! guns_fedoras is gathering members! Whoo hoo! :)

I've got a couple of gen plot bunnies for Public Enemies, and a longish slashy one that's been simmering in my head since Tuesday, when I saw the movie. I guess there's just something about guys in fedoras that get to me. ;)

On the DC front, I'm trying to put the finishing touches on a story for posting either tonight or tomorrow if I can manage it, BECAUSE I HAVEN'T POSTED FIC FOR SIX DAYS!!! This is strange for me unless I'm on vacation.

I'm a little tired, as it's humid here and I cut the grass, cleaned house, trimmed the bushes, swept the sidewalks, and did a bunch of other chores. *collapses*

I may log off early and watch a movie or read. I think I have an old tape of the Jimmy Cagney movie, Public Enemy, around here somewhere. Or maybe White Heat. ;)


I'm going to see Harry Potter in a few weeks! I've got the date circled and am going with friends. Movie nights are always fun! :)
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