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Public Enemies: Must-See Or Don't Bother?

Now that Public Enemies is in theaters, I have a few questions for anyone who's seen it:

Is this movie worth my time and money?

I know that Christian Bale's role is a supporting one, but I've read reviews that call his performance "wooden" and "uninspired". Also, the movie itself has gotten lukewarm reviews. I'd enjoy seeing him in the '30s clothes (he looks yummalicious), but is that worth almost ten bucks and over two hours of my life?

Is the violence excessive even for a gangster flick?

Is the film just unending shoot-outs without any story in between?

I'm not looking for spoilers, just general impressions. And I am a Christian fan, I just don't want to go to a movie with very little of him in it without any other redeeming factors. The entertainment budget's a little tight right now. Thanks! :)
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