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TV Converter Box Questions

Hi, all!

Anyone else doing the TV converter box thing since the digital switch-over? I have a box, but lost all my UHF channels, including the CW and Fox, and only have the local affiliates for PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC, and NBC is almost unwatchable as the signal's so weak that the picture keeps breaking up.

My question is: do you have to do a re-scan of channels? If so, does that mean unhooking the box and plugging it in again?

If I end up needing an indoor antenna, do I need one for both UHF and VHF channels? What do you recommend getting, and how do I go about it?

I know it'd be easier just to buy a new digital-ready TV set, but I don't have hundreds of dollars lying around to do that right now. :(

If you're getting rid of an old digital set and need a place to send it, keep me in mind! ;)

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