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June Fic Tally

June was a diverse month of pairings, and I started a new thing: original fic! Two stories, Original Fic #1: Black Thorn and Original Fic #2: Summer’s Eve debuted this month, and brought the total of stories to 11.

Laughter, Joy, And Love was a multiple pairing/character story that contained Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, and past Hal/Steve, and was Steve/Diana’s one story of the month.

Clark/Bruce held the top honors with 4 stories, 1 above and these 3: Aura, Silken, and "This Is A Job For...!".

I wrote my first Trinity fic, Unspoken, and it’s gen this time, though I’m sure het/slash will be in my future. ;)

Linda and Barbara had a story this month, By-The-Sea IV/Silver Girls IV: Beach Blanket Bingo!, which has the distinction of being my first story that fits two series at the same time. :)

Bruce/Jim stories from Nolanverse were posted twice: Survivor Trilogy Book I: A Sunny Day In Gotham and Wings Of Darkness Trilogy Book II: Guardian Angel. The first is hurt/comfort, with Bruce shot down in the streets of Gotham, and the second continues the allegorical tale of the sinful city of Gotham begun in Wings Of Darkness Trilogy Book I: One Honest Man.

I wrote my first Clark/Dick fic of the year! Yay! ;) Quiet Strength was well-received, and Dick starred with Bruce in Shadows, getting in just under the wire on the 30th.

I did wrap up the Paradise Arc of Rainbow’s Freedom, and am currently on hiatus from that series.

Quick dcu_freeforall Challenge updates. The numbers are a total of the past six months' completions:

Steve/Diana: 8 of 15

Bruce/Dick: 3 of 15

Clark/Bruce: 5 of 15

Total: 16 of 45 completed

Total number of fics of all kinds in 2009: 46

So, there is the month of June for BradyGirlfic! ;)

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