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Fandom Meme

MEME: Comment and I'll list three of your fandoms. Then you answer the following questions for each fandom. Only if you're interested in doing this! :)

northern_star gave me these:

1) Star Trek
2) Star Wars
3) Battlestar Galactica

Major Spoilers for all three!

01. What first got you into this fandom?
02. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03. Favourite episodes/book/films/etc.
04. Do you participate in this fandom (fiction, graphics, discussion)?

Star Trek—(1) The Original of Originals! ;) First fandom when I realized there was a fandom out there, and my first slash couple, Kirk/Spock. I started buying zines and learning about cons and all the wonderful goodness of fandom through this show.

The show impressed me because of its optimism. Usually science fiction tends to go for a gloomier, apocalyptic vision, and Star Trek said that we could be better, we could have a better future, and that was a powerful message. Considering that its original run was during the late Sixties with pessimism in full flower, it was a significant achievement. Remember the line Roberta Lincoln (Teri Garr) speaks in “Assignment Earth”? She says that her generation doesn’t expect to live past 30 what with war and nuclear weapons and other craziness, and that was definitely a feeling then. Mankind was supposed to blow itself up. It may still do that, but people in the late Sixties figured it was a given, and that’s probably why Trek’s history canon tells us that in the 1990s, World War III happened.

But Star Trek also showed that we did survive our human frailties and reached the stars, and IDIC was lived instead of just preached. In the late Sixties it was a big deal to feature an integrated cast of African-American, Russian, Asian, Scottish, and even a Vulcan! ;) Jim Kirk was an Irish-American and Leonard McCoy a Georgia boy who loved mint juleps and probably had ancestors who fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War, but all came together and it was just matter-of-fact most of the time, leaving a strong impression on impressionable young minds.

And the stories were fun! :)

(2) I was very involved as a reader in this fandom for nearly ten years, and then other fandoms caught my attention, but I always manage to pick up a zine or two every year and read some stuff on-line. Ironically, I never wrote K/S until I got onto LiveJournal.

(3) Like most people, "City On The Edge Of Forever" got me. The final scenes are just so powerful! William Shatner and DeForrest Kelley were amazing in the climactic scene, and Leonard Nimoy gave Spock just the right amount of pain and regret.

The entire episode was a grand mixture of drama and humor and had lots of slashiness! Edith Keeler’s pronouncement that Spock’s place was at Kirk’s side, as he’d always been there and always would be, is the essence of K/S.

Besides, any episode that describes a Joan Collins character as ‘Goody Two-Shoes’ is classic! ;)

Of course "The Trouble With Tribbles"! :) "Journey To Babel" for a mix of drama, family relationships, and the amazing collection of different races. Also slashy stuff! ;) "Amok Time". "The Apple" (Spock really looks amazing in this episode, and he saves Kirk at the risk of his own life, and winds up hurt a couple of more times). :)

(4) I read a lot, write a little. :) Some discussion.

Star Wars—After years of anti-heroes and dark, depressing films, Star Wars burst upon the scene in the summer of 1977 and had eye-opening special effects for the day, and the story’s simple Good vs. Evil with Good triumphing was desperately needed in a decade often unsure of itself and changing monumentally with gay rights, women’s rights, and other causes on the nightly news.

I loved the dash and style and was a Han/Luke fan from the very beginning. They forged a deep and lasting friendship very quickly, because why else would Han risk his neck (and Chewie’s) for the kid? ;) The scene in the cantina when they first meet is crackling with energy and sexual tension.

If there were any doubts as to the slashy goodness between these two, The Empire Strikes Back quashed that and is my favorite of the three. The Look, when Luke and Han are saying goodbye on Hoth, tells all. ;) Also in this film we have Han risking his life to go out into Hoth’s harsh wilderness to save Luke, and Luke hearing Han’s screams from torture half a galaxy away as Vader works him over on Cloud City. Luke instantly abandons his training despite Yoda’s protests and runs off to save Han, Leia and Chewie. Interesting that it’s Han’s pain he feels, isn’t it? ;)

By the time of Return Of The Jedi, Han has become more responsible after hanging around the Rebels (Luke) for so long, and Luke risks everything to save him from Jabba at the beginning of the film.

I also was instantly struck by the chemistry between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the first prequel, and the death scene? Enough to launch literally thousands of stories and art. :)

(2) I was deep into the fandom for several years, writing Han/Luke stories and poetry and winning awards. :) I also wrote a few Qui/Obi pieces.

(3) The Empire Strikes Back (see above), and A New Hope for the new excitement of it all.

(4) I hope to write some Han/Luke again sometime in the future.

Battlestar Galactica—I tried the new series but it was pretty dark, and I guess I was just a sap for the original 1970s series. ;) Sure, the remake is more popular and probably better written and acted and everything, but the Apollo/Starbuck chemistry (both males!) was outstanding in the original version, and there was hope and optimism in that first series that I found lacking in the second.

Apollo and Starbuck could be seen spending all their off-duty time together, risking their lives for each other, and I’m pretty sure that Boxey did refer to Starbuck as ‘Uncle’ at least once. :)

(2) I bought a lot of BG zines years ago, and still read it on-line.

(3) Favorite episodes intertwined with my slash examples: Apollo and Starbuck saved each other from floating off into space forever in "Fire From Space", and Apollo nearly got himself killed proving Starbuck innocent of murder ("Murder On The Rising Star"), and Starbuck fell apart when Apollo was killed by Count Iblis in "War Of The Gods". He screamed his anguish, shot at Iblis, and ended up in tears by Apollo’s body. Back on the shuttle heading for the Fleet he said to Sheba that he’d gladly give his life for Apollo’s. When a superior angel-like race brings them aboard their ship, they ask Starbuck if he’d be willing to go through with that bargain, and after resurrecting Apollo, Starbuck is crying and says, “Anything you want from me, you can have.”

They are continuously shown as each other’s confidante, and Starbuck is Apollo’s wingman, jealousy rearing its head when in an earlier episode Apollo’s fiancée Serina takes that job. Apollo even asks Starbuck if he’s jealous and Starbuck says yes!

There’s a special dome on top of the Galactica that Apollo tells Starbuck about, and eventually they bring Sheba and Cassiopeia up there, but it’s implied that Apollo had told Starbuck first about it and it was their private place. ;)

When they go on furlon (furlough) on the Rising Star, Starbuck plays with Apollo’s money and Apollo lets him, resigned to an early night back to the Galactica if Starbuck loses. These scenes aboard the ship scream ‘Old Married Couple’ to me (sharing money, Starbuck hauling Apollo to the chancery and talking to him about his gambling system on the shuttle to the ship while Apollo listens indulgently).

Every time there was a family dinner the cast of ‘outsiders’ would change but Starbuck was always there.

The series was silly, wacky, dramatic, and cheesy, but it had heart and Apollo and Starbuck were gorgeous! ;) There were a lot of good zines out there in the 1980s and now you can find some stories on-line, too.

I think another reason I loved it so was that I first saw it during a very happy time in my life, and that sort of thing sticks with you.

(4) I’ve written several stories in the past few years and post to bsgslash.

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